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The Belief Factor: And the White Superiority Syndrome

The Belief Factor: And the White Superiority Syndrome

by Christopher C. Bell


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How do we learn to believe that White people are "smarter," "better," and "more beautiful" than Black people? This book, The Belief Factor and the White Superiority Syndrome, explains how both Blacks and Whites acquire the White Superiority Syndrome: a belief or sense that White people are superior to Black people. This book explains how the White Superiority Syndrome is a direct fall-out of the religious icons and teachings of Christianity that place one aspect of the Deity, the God-force of life, in the form of a white male humanoid. This book explains that, absent some intervening agent or action, the picturing of God as a White Male humanoid is the root catalyst leading to a sense of superiority, and racism on the part of many White people, and to a sense of inadequacy and inferiority on the part of many Black people. The book makes it clear that the racial discriminations that are learned are not necessarily directly taught but are acquired subliminally from the belief system, its props, and the societal milieu.

This book details a process that will neutralize the subliminal learning that now leads to the White Superiority Syndrome. This book notes it is the Black man's burden to change certain aspects of his adopted Christian belief system and of his way of "seeing" God, if he ever wishes to free himself of the inevitable sense of inferiority that he now experiences and to eliminate the roots of racism.

The Belief Factor and the White Superiority Syndrome is a "must read" for students and teachers of race relations, social stratification, student achievement, and urban education; and for all Christians, both Black and White, who want to understand why their religion has not yet freed them from racism. Readers will gain insight into and a better appreciation for the everyday power and politics of the mind.

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