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Babe Ruth thrilled baseball fans with his tremendous home-run swing. He made friends-and some enemies-with his loud, larger-than-life personality. The list of books about Ruth could fill a few bookshelves. Most recently, SABR awarded the prestigious Seymour Medal to Jane Leavy for her 2018 biography entitled The Big Fella, and she contributes the introduction to this book we call THE BABE.

A baseball book published under that title is quite naturally about the great slugger for the New York Yankees, who led the American League in home runs 12 times and lived life large during the Jazz Age.

This book includes the contributions of over 50 SABR members: 30 articles, plus accounts of 50 notable games from The Babe's career. He hit tape-measure long balls, fought with managers, won more than 90 games as a pitcher, and gave time and money to children's charities.

In no way is this an exhaustive last word on Babe Ruth. That might be an impossible chore. We do believe this book will help readers get a fuller picture of baseball's most fabled figure, a man still famous today and still revered in the game he loved.

Introduction, Jane Leavy
1. George Herman "Babe" Ruth, Allan Wood
2. Babe - A Baseball Nickname, Bill Nowlin
3. How "Ruthian" Was Babe Ruth?, Mike Huber
4. Cool Babe Ruth Facts, Allan Wood
5. The Home Runs That Changed Everything, Hot Springs Historic Baseball Trail Research Team:
Mark Blaeuer, Mike Dugan, Don Duren, Bill Jenkinson, and Tim Reid
6. Showdown: Babe Ruth's Rebellious Barnstorming Tour, T S Flynn
7. Babe Ruth in Minnesota, Stew Thornley
8. Babe Ruth Visits Louisville, Harry Rothgerber
9. The Babe Comes North, David McDonald
10. The Babe's Canadian Connections, David McDonald
11. Babe Ruth and Baseball Diplomacy, Robert K. Fitts
12. Cigars, Horses, and A Couple of Homers: The Bambino's Experience in Cuba, Reynaldo Cruz and Bill Nowlin
13. Babe Ruth and Cricket, Glen Sparks
14. Sale of the Century: The Yankees Bought Babe Ruth for Nothing, Michael Haupert
15. The Mystery of Jackie Mitchell and Babe Ruth, Leslie Heaphy
16. Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig, Tara Krieger
17. Babe Ruth and Ownership: Not A Match Made in Heaven, Gary Sarnoff
18. Babe Ruth and the Boston Braves before Opening Day 1935, Carolyn Fuchs and Wayne Soini, with Herb Crehan
19. Babe Ruth's National League "Career" 28 Games with the 1935 Boston Braves, Saul Wisnia
20. U. S. Presidents and The Babe, Curt Smith
21. The Babe: In Person and Onscreen, Rob Edelman
22. Babe Ruth Characterizations - and Caricatures, Rob Edelman
23. To the Rescue: Brother Matthias, Brian (Chip) Martin
24. Babe Ruth: A Man of Simple Faith, Gabriel B. Costa
25. Babe Ruth's Final Legacy to the Kids, Alan Cohen
26. The Babe's Final Personal Appearance, Steve Smith
27. Even Against HOF Hurlers, Ruth Was King of Swing, Ed Gruver
28. The Babe as a Pitcher, Pete Palmer
29. Babe Ruth Stealing Home, Bill Nowlin
30. 715, Allan Wood
31. July 11, 1914: Babe Ruth Debuts, Joe Schuster
32. October 2, 1914: A Sign of So Many Swats to Come, Mark S. Sternman
33. May 6, 1915: Ruth's First Career Home Run, Mike Huber
34. May 20, 1916: Ruth Replaced While Throwing No-Hitter, Bill Nowlin
35. June 13, 1916: Red-Hot Ruth vs the Browns, James Forr,
36. August 15, 1916: Ruth Outlasts Johnson, Jack Zerby,
37. October 9, 1916: Red Sox Win Game Two on a Loaned Diamond, Cecilia M. Tan and Bill Nowlin
38. May 6, 1918: First Start As A Position Player, Glen Sparks
39. September 5, 1918: Babe Ruth Tosses Shutout, Mike Huber
40. April 18, 1919: Six Home Runs in Six At-Bats, Jimmy Keenan
And over 40 more!

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ISBN-13: 9781970159172
Publisher: Society for American Baseball Research (Sabr)
Publication date: 10/22/2019
Series: SABR Baseball Library , #72
Pages: 316
Sales rank: 840,106
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About the Author

Jane Leavy is an award-winning former sportswriter and feature writer for the Washington Post and author of the critically acclaimed comic novel Squeeze Play. She lives in Washington, D.C.

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