The Atlantic Battle Won: Volume 10 May 1943 - May 1945

The Atlantic Battle Won: Volume 10 May 1943 - May 1945

by Samuel Eliot Morison

Hardcover(Revised ed.)

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This spectacular 15 volume series charts the US Naval operations during World War II with an insider's perspective. Morison, a Harvard professor, was given a special rank and writing post by FDR. He had active duty aboard eleven different ships, allowing him to witness many crucial battles in both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Includes many maps and official file photographs.

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ISBN-13: 9780316583107
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 01/30/1956
Edition description: Revised ed.
Pages: 399
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.19(d)
Age Range: 13 Years

Table of Contents

IIntroduction, September 1939-April 19433
IITenth Fleet, March-September 194312
1.American and British Antisubmarine Commands12
2.Tenth Fleet Emerges, April-May21
3.The Navy-Air Force "Horse Trade," August-September26
Notes on the Navy-Air Force Controversy29
IIINew Antisubmarine Ships and Aircraft32
1.The Destroyer Escorts32
2.The Escort Carriers37
3.Antisubmarine Aircraft42
IVNew Training and Technical Developments47
1.The "Antisubmarine University"47
2.Technical Developments52
VThe German Underwater Fleet, 1943-194555
1.Hitler, Raeder and Doenitz55
2.German Submarine Construction60
Note on Italian Submarines64
VINorthern Transatlantic Convoys, April-May 194365
1.The Ordeal of ONS-565
2.Debut of the Escort Carrier Group76
VIIUshant to Finisterre, 194385
1.Coastal Command and Army Air Force85
2.The Bay Offensive, March-June89
3."Madcats" and B-24s in the Big Slaughter, 20 July-2 August93
4.PB4Ys in the Bay Offensive, August-December99
VIIIThe Central Atlantic and Azores, May-August 1943108
1.CVEs, Supporting Convoys and on the Loose, May-June108
2.The Azores Happy Hunting Ground, July-August116
3.Finisterre to Cape Juby, July-August129
IXNorth Atlantic Crossings, September-November 1943133
1.Troop and Tanker Convoys to Britain133
2.The Zaunkonig Blitz on Convoy ON-202135
3.The Blitz Fizzles Out, October-November146
XThe Central Atlantic Grind, October-December 1943153
1.Central Atlantic Convoys153
2.Card and Core Score Four, 3-20 October159
3.Borie's Last Battle, 1-2 November162
4.Bogue Gets Four More, November-December168
5.Card Scores Again, but Loses Leary, 17-25 December171
XIEast Coast and Caribbean, April-December 1943178
1.Eastern Sea Frontier "Nuisances," April-July178
2.Mining Offensive, June-October184
3.Caribbean Blitz, July-August188
4.Panama Run-around, October-December198
XIISouth Atlantic, May 1943-January 1944208
1.Fourth Fleet208
2.Nuisances and Precursors, May-June210
3.July Blitz off Brazil215
4.Air and Patrol Battles around Ascension, September-December223
XIIIIn Arctic Waters, May-December 1943229
1.High Jinks in High Latitudes229
2.North Russia Run Reopened, November-December233
3.The Sinking of Scharnhorst, 26 December236
4.General Conclusions for 1943244
XIVWithin the Mediterranean, June 1943-August 1944249
1.The Mediterranean Convoy System249
2.U-boats "Swamped," July 1943-May 1944252
3.Air Attacks on Convoys, September-November 1943261
4.Intense Air-Surface Battles, April-August 1944264
XVSouthern and Far Eastern Waters, 1943-1945274
1.Passage to Penang, February 1943-March 1944274
2.Escort Carriers off Cape Verdes and Madeira, March-April 1944278
3.Buckley's Battle; Loss of Block Island, May284
4.The Capture of U-505, June 4, 1944290
5.Fourth Fleet Interlude, February-September293
6.Caribbean Conclusion, March-July 1944297
7.South Atlantic and Indian Ocean, June 1944-May 1945298
XVIIn Arctic Waters, 1944-1945305
1.Renewed German Activity, January 1944305
2.British CVEs on the North Russia Run, February-December 1944307
3.Concluding North Russia, February-May 1945310
XVIISnorkels in the Atlantic, March-December 1944317
1.Doenitz Springs the Snorkel317
2.The U-boats and Overlord, June-August319
3.Snorkel Nuisances, August-December325
XVIIISnorkel Blitz in European Waters, December 1944-April 1945330
1.U-boats Help Battle of the Bulge330
2.Snorkels in British Coastal Waters, February-April338
XIXVictory in the Atlantic, February-May 1945342
1.Snorkels in the Eastern Sea Frontier, February-April342
2.Teardrop vs. "Seewolf," March-May344
3.Battle off Block Island, 5-6 May356
4.Surrender and Conclusion358
Appendix ILosses of Merchant Shipping, and Enemy Submarines365
1.Monthly Losses of Allied and Neutral Merchant Vessels to Submarine Attack365
2.U-Boats Built, Operating and Sunk Monthly366
3.Monthly Losses of Allied and Neutral Vessels by All Causes, World-Wide367
4.Ocean Areas of Heaviest Monthly Merchant Shipping Losses by Submarine Attack369
Appendix IISinkings of German, Italian and Japanese Submarines by U.S. Forces in Arctic, Atlantic and Mediterranean370
Appendix IIIMine Fields Laid by U-boats in Western Atlantic374
Appendix IVTask Organization of U.S. Navy Escort Carrier Groups Operating in the Atlantic, 1943-1945375
Appendix VComposition of Convoy UGS-40 under Air Attack in the Mediterranean, 11 May 1944381

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