by Ph.D. Stevie Lee Honaker


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Learn from 65 Angels in their words instruction on how to call them closer to you to heal your life.

The Angelic Host Bring Their Individual Services for Humanity's Blessing is an introduction to 65 Angels with instruction about what to request from each Angel and how you can call every one of the Angels to assist you with changing your life. The Angels are waiting for your calls. Instantly, the Angels enfold you with all encompassing love as they joyfully bring Light to bless you. The Angels give their words as an answer to every request. Addressed are topics consisting of: releasing fear, birth and transition, gaining the golden Light of wisdom, life purpose and right employment, seeking the Light and God's solution for every challenge.

Calling to the Angels gives them permission within the physical octave to bring assistance to fulfill your call. There is not a problem the Angels cannot solve with your continual belief and acknowledgement of their presence with you. God wants you to call the Angels for their service, blessings and love. You may choose to become an integral part of the Angels' service to the Light by speaking their words as decrees to help your loved ones, others in need, the earth and all life.

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ISBN-13: 9781452519937
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/12/2014
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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The Angelic Host Bring their Individual Services for Humanity's Blessing

By Stevie Lee Honaker

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Stevie Lee Honaker, Ph.D.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1993-7


Beloved ones, I am Ascended Master Lord Lanto, Chohan of the Second Ray of God's Light, the golden Ray of Wisdom. I have come to bless this work for humanity. Many of mankind is in great need of the words of the Angels; their love and assistance and a defined way to call them.

I also bless mankind with the assurance the words of God through the Angels will bring the truth of life to everyone. This work has been developed by God through His Angelic Host to bring His love, His wisdom and His will for mankind to read and to learn how to call the Angelic Host and request their loving services for every individual who chooses to call their presence closer to them.

It is God's desire mankind call the Angels. The one who chooses to call is invited to see what the Angels will do for them, if they will just acknowledge each Angel by its name and request their assistance in using the words given at the end of each Angel's writing. Every individual is free to ask as many Angels as they care to for their assistance. There is no limit to the number of Angels you can call, if you will acknowledge them by name with a sincere heart and a willingness to open your mind to unlimited possibilities.

It is my sincere hope every soul will avail themselves to test the validity of this Book and the Angelic Host with their heartfelt requests to the Angels who are waiting for their calls. My love and singular gratitude to God, the One of All for allowing the Angelic Host to manifest this loving work for all mankind.

I am Lord Lanto, Chohan of the Second Ray, the Wisdom of God

Dear one, I am Ascended Master Lady Leto. My Light is white with God's inspiration to live a life full of service. My purpose, directed to me by God, the Supreme Being of All Life is to bless mankind with the higher calling of service to others. I am His continuous and constant servant to the Light given by God to the world of mankind.

It is God's intention we serve in a way that blesses others and their lives, rather than merely living only choosing to serve the self and its lower desires of the five physical senses. Most choose the later and in doing so spend countless lives gaining little spiritual growth. Progress requires lives of dedicated service for the betterment of mankind in some altruistic activity over one's life. In service to others, one actually betters oneself more than the assistance they gave to others. That is God's Law of Reciprocation and it is full of blessings to the one wise enough to engage it in their lives.

If you are seeking to free yourself from only satiating your physical senses and want to permanently be released from the wheel of life, I can assist you. I request Ascended Master Lady Leto to assist and release the physical body's hold on my lifestream until I am completely free in God's magnificent Light and love eternal. I ask to be enfolded with the white Light of God which will inspire me to help others and bless my life expediently and greatly beyond my former expectations for my life.

At your call and spoken request, I will come instantly to bless you with God's inspirational white Light. Call on me as often as you like. I will surround your being with the inspiration of God with my all encompassing love for you. As God's perfect creation, you are eternally held in the highest esteem by all who have contributed to this gift from God. May you use it wisely to the betterment of your life by serving others well.

Beloved, I am Archangel Gabriel. My Light orb is violet with pink at the outer edges. I am directed by God to bring messages to those that wait upon the Lord. I am here to tell you of Great Happenings. The world is waiting for God's Angels to show them the way home. We, the Angels of God are speaking to them through our words written in this Book for you to read and call; to ask and receive our loving assistance for every request.

It is our great joy to share our names, the color of our Light in service to humanity, as well as our particular areas of service and problems we can solve with the reader's sincere acknowledgment and gratitude. We have presented many Angels. Every Angel has varying colors of God's Light, differing services and their own area of healing. In order to better acquaint mankind with who we are, specifically what we can do and how every one can avail themselves of our immediate and loving assistance, we have written for your daily use to allow us into your hearts and minds to love you as you truly are: God's perfect creation.

Now, we call upon you to set aside a brief time every day to open these writings created for you by God's loving direction to the Angels to reach closer than ever before to assist every one of humanity.

We hope you will call upon us; the Angels of God created just for humanity's wellbeing, so we may be allowed to come into your life with God's healing love. We can be present with you the moment you speak our name. We will stay with you until your request is fulfilled, as long as you continue to have faith in God, faith in our assistance and our ever present love continuously with you.

I am Archangel Gabriel

Dearest one, I am Archangel Gissel. My Light is white. My purpose is to enfold mankind with the Light of God to assist all in humanity who are trusting God completely in their lives. When one reaches a point in their spiritual life where they truly realize God is omnipotent, they begin to reach out to God in a deeper trust.

Once these calls to God begin, which demand the power of God to come into the physical octave to overcome all matter of strife in human creation, I am directed to enfold and to surround the caller with God's all powerful love and protection for them and their immediate surroundings. When there is a spark of increased Light within the physical realm, the Light of God instantly flashes there continuously to protect and expand this Light. With every call or prayer given, the Light increases within the individual and also goes instantly to where it is called or does as it is directed, as long as the call is constructive and within the will of God for all life.

If you have decided to give daily calls, in order to open the doors of heaven so more of God's Light is able to continuously stream into the physical with permission of your free will, begin with calling Me, Archangel Gissel. Ask for My white Light of God's love, which is the greatest power in all of creation to come in and around you continuously as you speak your calls or give your prayers. I will instantly flash God's protecting love to enfold you and your immediate surroundings. Please call Me and I will joyously be with you in any circumstance to assist you with God's all powerful love.

I am Archangel Gissel

Greetings! I am Thor, an Archangel among the seraphim of God, the Highest come to introduce the Angels of the seraphim for the glory to God. We wish to introduce each of Us as individual spheres of Light and the love of God for His creation. We come in loving service, reaching every one with joy and a willingness to answer every call. Let us begin in the protection of God's encircling Light and love for all.

As Archangel Thor, I express My individuation of God's Life as an orb of crystal blue, as in the color of a clear blue sky. My energy consists of the will of God. With this energetic imprint, My purpose is to assist each one seeking to determine God's will for them in all subjects relating to their daily life, as well as direction for their spiritual life. In their every situation, problem or condition, I assist the one who asks, what is the will of God for me? The will of God always begins with love and I point to the ways His love can be brought into all their concerns.

With the thought of Archangel Thor and My blue Light, I am instantly present and ready to bless every one. The requests for God's love, wisdom and power are a choice for His will and love to express in each concern they give to Me.

God's loving will to all, Archangel Thor

Salutation to all, I am Alohim, Archangel of the seraphim come to bless all with My orb of Light, shimmering in golden hues from God. I wish to serve God by helping humanity asking for Angels to come close to their little ones: the children. My purpose is to protect all new life, especially newborns and toddlers, as you call them.

My golden Light from God is centered within their hearts at conception, so the child constantly feels the immense love of God during this time. After their birth, I surround their bodies with love and protection, as I constantly tell them, "You are God's love." I am with them until they take their first step. Other Angels have been with them assisting and protecting every precious life as it begins it short stay on earth. We serve together in harmony for the good of each child.

Calling for Me often, even before the child is born, brings My presence and golden Light closer with your acknowledgement of My love and care. Think of the glorious golden Light cast with the first rays of sunrise to capture My Light in your mind. Feel this loving Light surrounding your being and babe with all the love of God. We of the Angelic Host know only God's perfect love and serve joyously to all who call on Us.

Placing God's golden Light around all, I am Archangel Alohim

Dear one, I am of the seraphim known as Archangel Shanuel. My orb of Light is colored with the tint of blue, as in the robin's egg. My purpose is to serve mankind at the time of passing from the human form to the Light of their eternal being, once other Angels have helped the light body to be free from the physical form. They carry and direct each Soul to join with the seraphim to once again hear the music of the spheres. The godly melodious sound of love is all healing as it lifts their energy further from the density of the physical cloak.

Thinking of or calling the seraphim, at your request to come closer or assist is always honored. For whatever you need that is constructive, We will answer and if you are troubled, We hold the love you asked for until you are peaceful and can receive all the blessings held in your request.

Please be assured what humans call death is temporary and but a gentle passing of the Soul in its journey of ascension to live and move within the infinite love of the one supreme eternal life. Many Angels are present with you now as you read, gently surrounding you in God's love, singing or whispering with joy, "You are God's perfection."

Dearest one, know and let yourself feel in your heart that all are cared for every moment with infinite love and as many Angels as you call to be present with you and those you love.

Archangel Shanuel

Dearest one, I am Archangel Angela. My orb is sparkling white with violet at the outer edge. My purpose is to bring the presence of God to all who seek Him. You can feel My presence by your side when you call.

My service to all humanity is to gently wrap them in the loving white Light of God whenever they call for Light. Light gives life to all and God's Light enfolded around you blesses everyone with feelings of peace or in other words, all in my world is okay, safe and sound; held so by God's Light and love.

Visualize white lilies and think of their golden center parts as the golden sun of God within you. White lilies are used at Easter in mankind's world. For the realm of the Angels, the white lily symbolizes the arisen Christ at His ascension within all His Light and glory. The next time you see a lily notice how their shape lifts up from the stem and opens wide to reveal their golden stamens and pistol reaching to the sky. The color of the Christ Light is dazzling golden Light.

When you want to feel the presence of God, remember the white lily in all its glory and ask the seraphim Angels to bless you and your loved ones with the gentle, all loving Light of God. We come instantly at your call with love in Our hearts to serve all humanity with His glorious presence.

I am Archangel Angela

I am Archangel Silvanel. My Light orb is white with silver glistening throughout. My purpose is to assist all who ask for purification of their bodies. When given a request from humanity, I am there with them in an instant to assist with their needs for themselves or others.

My service to God, the Supreme Perfect One is to lift the density of human energy, when requested and given permission, out of the human body. After a difficult event, humans create a tremendous, thick energy in and around the body which continues to hold there in a smoky cloud or fog, as it appears from Our perspective. My purpose is to purify this dense energy, so that the body's natural aura can return to it natural state.

After calling for My presence with you, think of yourself sitting among white clouds. As you rest there, feel a soft mist falling gently around you. Feel the effervescent energy of pure Light enfold you in its sparkling essence of God's life. I am happy to be with you and the loved ones that come into your mind. See them also, enfolded in the silvery, glistening mist of My purification until all is Light around them. Thank you for allowing Me to bring the perfection of God into your physical world this day.

I am with you in God's perfect love, Archangel Silvanel

Dearest one, I am Archangel Celia. My Light is white. My purpose is to bring illumination to the hearts and minds of those seeking God with the Light of God's Illumination. When each person begins to seek the creator within, I am there to assist the process of discovery.

Seeking your Creator for His illumination will bless your life exceedingly more than you can imagine. This process is worth your effort and thought to consider every truth presented.

To illuminate the mind entails clearing the collection of unnecessary thoughts, ideas and concepts which no longer serve them. In doing so, the way is opened for new, higher ways of thinking to emerge. The way is cleared for more of God's Light to enter and remain.

The effect of this clearing out the old and bringing in God's Light is enormous. The Light affects every area. Not only is the mental level cleared, Light's effect reaches through the body and the entire energetic body for the clearing and uplifting of all. This means every cell in the physical body receives the tremendous effect from the Light's presence.

Call on Me when you seek illumination. My service for you will bring new energy, perspective and inspiration to your quest. Think of the soft glow of candlelight as My color, as you call for My presence to be with you. Feel a gentle, warm peace surrounding your mind. I come instantly to alleviate your concerns. My presence with you will bring peace and a new confidence to find that which you most seek.

I am Archangel Celia, joyful to be of service in your most important quest to know your God within

Dearest one, I am Archangel Sila. My orb of God's Light is pink. My purpose is to instill the love of God into the hearts of those who wish to be compassionate and merciful to those around them. When asked, I surround their hearts with the love of God and hold the peace of acceptance from His wonderful Light and love in the hearts of others. Blessing others in this holy way allows blessings to come your way. Judging and criticizing others delays the blessings coming to you.

Each moment God sends more blessings to all of His creation. If your heart is right with God, you are able to receive these blessings.

Enfolding others with your love will open the door of their hearts to receive God's continuous blessings. With this act of love, you will have changed their life forever. No matter how their outer life appears, their inner life with God has changed for the better. Love is faithful to this truth of life.

I am with you when you call Me by My name, Archangel Sila. Then, request My assistance by bringing My Light to surround you completely. Feel My pink Light glow in your heart. See it glowing in the hearts of others you love or encounter. Hold the peace of God in your heart that all is well. Ask for My presence to be with you anytime, dear one. I am there at your call to enfold you and all you include within the love of God which blesses all every moment.

I am Archangel Sila

Greetings, I am of the seraphim of the Angelic Host. You may call Me Archangel Sophia. My Light orb is green. My purpose is to heal the hearts of mankind. Human life places great strain upon the heart with fears, worries and the stresses of the present. I come when called to surround the heart with Archangel Raphael's powerful green healing Light from God. When acknowledged and requested this Light envelopes and flows through the physical heart and heart center to release all discordant creation held there and allows the heart area to clear and return to its natural state.

For ones who have had heart surgery, calling in My Light will allow the heart and body to heal. Others may call for My healing Light for those you know or love that are experiencing difficulties in their heart area. Although there are unlimited numbers of Healing Angels within the Angelic Host which serve to heal all bodily difficulties, I am consecrated to focus God's love into the physical heart area only. We are closer to God's love expanding for all. I will serve humanity by directing God's love to the heart center of all mankind, if requested to do so.


Excerpted from The Angelic Host Bring their Individual Services for Humanity's Blessing by Stevie Lee Honaker. Copyright © 2014 Stevie Lee Honaker, Ph.D.. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Lord Lanto of the Great White Brotherhood, 1,
Ascended Master Lady Leto of the Great White Brotherhood, 2,
Archangel Gabriel Greatest Powers Archangel, 3,
Archangel Gissel Greatest of the Seraphim, 4,
Archangel Thor, Assistance for All, 5,
Archangel Alohim, For Newborns and Toddlers, 6,
Archangel Shanuel, Transitioning from Earth, 7,
Archangel Angela, Presence of God, 8,
Archangel Silvanel, Physical Purification, 9,
Archangel Celia, Illumination, 10,
Archangel Sila, God's Love Blessing Others, 11,
Archangel Sophia, Healing Mankind's Hearts, 12,
Archangel Emanuel, Life Lived within Love, 13,
Archangel Nathan Loving Drug Effects from Humanity, 14,
Angel Terrafenel, Helping Humanity Heal Earth, 15,
Angel Danuel, Expanding God's Love, 16,
Angel Gabel, God's Love Dispels Fear Instantly, 17,
Angel Shamuelioné, Reuniting Loved Ones, 18,
Angel Faruel, Opening God's Inner Sight, 19,
Archangel Teapolius, God's Hope for Every Heart, 20,
Angel Sarah, Help Planning Your Life, 21,
Archangel Pariti, Accepting the God Created Self of You, 22,
Angel Bartalamew, Glorious Wisdom, 23,
Archangel Omuel, Love for Children's Hearts, 24,
Archangel Cefelia, God's Love in Your Heart, 26,
Archangel Thomas, Releasing Fear and Stored Emotions, 27,
Angel Serafisa, Self Compassion, 28,
Archangel Theresa, Way of Love, 29,
Archangel Maruel, God's Grace Returned to You, 30,
Archangel Drusmen, Serving Others, 31,
Archangel Thadismun, Key to the Kingdom of God, 32,
Archangel Samuel, Finding Your Deeper Truth, 33,
Archangel David, God's Solution for Every Challenge, 34,
Archangel Jarius, Praising God Every Morning and Evening, 35,
Archangel Zacarel, Ground Your Body's Electrical System, 36,
Archangel Duncon, God's Golden Life Energy, 37,
Archangel Arazuel, Transitioning with God's Light, 38,
Archangel Um Basarri, Your Financial Resources, 39,
Angel Somalioné, God's Truth and Love for You, 40,
Archangel Hilum, Call for the Children, 41,
Archangel Sushienae, Strength from the Will of God, 42,
Archangel Percipia, Creating a Loving Pregnancy, 43,
Archangel Charuel, Happier Dreams, 44,
Archangel Melore, Bringing God's Wisdom to You, 45,
Archangel Butyalil, Appreciating Nature, 46,
Archangel Baramion, God's Love, 47,
Archangel Timothy, Love of God, 48,
Archangel Jamal, God's Purifying Violet Light, 49,
Archangel Pahuel, Relieving Body Tension God's Way, 50,
Archangel Thadimus, Helping Humanity with God's Wisdom, 51,
Archangel Purci, Love of God for Your Heart, 52,
Archangel Ongkanon, The Golden Light of God's Wisdom, 53,
Archangel Charity, Finding God's Truth for Your Life, 54,
Archangel Chamuel, God's Love, 55,
Archangel Christine, God's Purifying Love for Your Heart, 56,
Archangel Moroni, Enlightenment, 57,
Archangel Martin, Using God's Perfect White Light, 58,
Archangel Marion, Accepting God's Help to Change, 59,
Archangel Mallory, Knowing God's Truth, 60,
Archangel Sicily, Letting Go of Unneeded Energies, 61,
Archangel Timothy, Refreshing Your Mind, 62,
Archangel Aragon, God's White Light of Purification, 63,
Archangel Tifany, Human Marital Discord, 64,
Archangel Cephrus, God's Love for Your Heart, 65,
Archangel Stephen, Keeping Your Aspirations Safe with God, 66,
Archangel Mita, Completing Your Life Purpose, 67,
Archangel Jessanel, Seeking God's Light within You, 68,
Archangel Remliel, Coming to God with Reverence, 69,
The Act of Decreeing, 71,
Glossary, 73,
Index, 79,
About the Author, 81,

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