Talking to GOATs: The Moments You Remember and the Stories You Never Heard

Talking to GOATs: The Moments You Remember and the Stories You Never Heard

by Jim Gray


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 “As a sportscaster and sports historian, Jim’s career genuinely stands the test of time. . . . This book is sports history about some of the greats by one of the greats, who was taking it all in on the sidelines, in the stands or the dugout, by the eighteenth green, courtside, or in the broadcast booth.”  —Tom Brady, seven-time NFL Super Bowl champion GOAT

A riveting, insightful memoir of never-before-told stories from Jim Gray, twelve-time Emmy Award-winner, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster, and renowned interviewer— that explores the author's career and the inside stories and memorable moments of the famous legends he has covered including, Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson.

In Talking to GOATs, award-winning broadcaster Jim Gray looks back at his four decades of sports reporting from the unparalleled perspective of one of the world’s most respected and skilled interviewers.  A journalist who many iconic athletes have trusted to tell their stories (of both triumph and disgrace), Jim has had unprecedented access to the people, places and extraordinary events in the world of sports. Asking tough but fair questions, he has broken numerous stories, and landed squarely in the middle of others, from the Ben Johnson and Barry Bonds steroid scandals, to Michael Jordan’s surprise retirement, to the off-the-court Kobe/Shaq feud which led to their on-the-court break up, to being part of the live broadcast for twenty-two Super Bowls.  He’s climbed into the ring to interview Mike Tyson after he bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear, and stood next to Ron Artest when the  “Malice at the Palace” melee erupted, and was on site at the bombing of the Atlanta Olympics.

Anyone who has watched Jim effortlessly engage his subjects at the precise moment of triumph or tragedy has little idea what it takes to secure the interview, or what actually happens when the camera cuts away.  These are real, mesmerizing, and previously untold stories.  Talking to GOATs features numerous world-class athletes, including Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Michael Phelps, Mike Tyson and Tiger Woods, and world leaders George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Mikhail Gorbachev, and many more. On each page, Jim gives the reader a coveted all-access pass as he reviews the best interviews, the best athletes, and the best games in modern sports history. It’s like a personal introduction to the characters and careers of these heroes and villains we’ve known since childhood. He examines how money, celebrity, the media, and power interact, and how sports, more than any other institution, has led to momentous transformations in American society.  

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ISBN-13: 9780062992062
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 11/10/2020
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 1,788
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About the Author

Jim Gray has won twelve National Sports Emmy Awards, been inducted into four Sports Hall of Fames, including the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He was named Sports Reporter of the Year three times by the American Sportscaster Association. Currently he works for Showtime, Fox and Westwood One Radio.  At Westwood One, he is the studio host for NFL Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl, with broadcast partner Tom Brady, the most decorated quarterback in Super Bowl history. Jim lives with his wife, Frann, in Los Angeles, California.

Table of Contents

Foreword Tom Brady xiii

Preface xvii

Chapter 1 Tyson: Much more than the Bite 1

Chapter 2 Ali: Touched by the Greatest 22

Chapter 3 My World Wide Web 45

Chapter 4 Michael (Jackson) and the Mirage 66

Chapter 5 First Pitch 68

Chapter 6 Hammerin' Hank: Mr. Decency 85

Chapter 7 Your Rose, My Thorn 92

Chapter 8 Steroids: From BEN to Marion, the Breaking of Bonds 123

Chapter 9 Tiger: How a Legend Became Human 137

Chapter 10 Upon Further Review 150

Chapter 11 Tom Brady: My Friend the Goat 165

Chapter 12 17-0, 28, 50-0 = Perfect 178

Chapter 13 People Who Changed the World 193

Chapter 14 Dream Team: "You'll Never See Anything Like This Again" 213

Chapter 15 His Airness's Good-Bye 227

Chapter 16 The Triangle: Kobe, Shaq, and Jax 230

Chapter 17 Malice at the Palace 238

Chapter 18 The Decision 256

Chapter 19 My Dad and the Masters 279

Chapter 20 I'm Not writing another Book 297

Acknowledgments 303

Photo Credits 309

Index 311

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