Survival Collection: Hunting and Fishing, Hacks and Projects, Must-Have Tools: (Survival Guide, Survival Skills)

Survival Collection: Hunting and Fishing, Hacks and Projects, Must-Have Tools: (Survival Guide, Survival Skills)

by Anthony Andrews


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Survival Collection: Hunting and Fishing, Hacks and Projects, Must-Have Tools

BOOK #1. Hunting and Fishing

The world outside of our safe, civilized neighborhoods and cities is wild and full of everything we need to survive. Food and water can be had if you know where to look and you have a few essential skills to get it. Fishing and hunting skills will give anyone the ability to feed themselves and their family.

Learning to make a shelter out of the items you can find in the wild is a skill that can save your life Essential skills such as how to use signals in nature to find the four cardinal points to help you find your way, it can make the difference between being lost in the wilderness and finding your way home.

BOOK #2. 10 DIY Projects to Help You Survive Anything

Basically it is a Prepper's guide that includes 10 Do It Yourself projects that you can do easily at the time of any disaster. This book aims to prepare you for any mishap that can affect lives and when there are less chances of survival. Usually some disasters are unpredictable but if you are already prepared then you can face them without any difficulty. This book will suggest you 10 DIY projects that will help you a lot to in any disastrous situation. When you are already prepared, you can tackle things in a good way and don't act like you know nothing. After reading this book you won't have to fear about what to do if you are in need of something. Moreover this guide will suggest you some tools that you can use for your survival well before the time. At the time of disaster when unprepared people would be wandering in search of supplies or other things, you won't be wasting time like them. Rather you will concentrate on last minute preparations. This guide will amazingly prepare you for unseen things and you would be able to save yourself, friends and family members.

BOOK #3. Survival Tools Every Prepper Should Have

The disaster may strike your door any time because it is really hard to predict an actual day of the earthquake or storm. There could be some weather updates or predictions that can help you to have an idea of horrible disasters. After knowing about the disaster, it will be good to get ready for the survival days. Your advance preparations will help you in a better way. The Survival: 20 Survival Tools Every Prepper Should Have To Survive Anything is designed for you as a guide. You can use this book to know about 20 important survival tools that are often ignored by the preppers. This book will serve as a reminder so that you can know about important things. If you want to prepare for survival in advance, then this book will help you. Download this book and read about 20 essential tools. This book may offer:

  • Types of Disasters and tips to deal with disasters
  • Important tools for food arrangement
  • Important tools for shelter
  • Important tools for first aid kit
  • Important tools for water and sanitation

In short, this book has everything that a prepper should know to have for survival. It is useful for any kind of catastrophic situations.

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