Stranded Between Doubt and Faith

Stranded Between Doubt and Faith

by Denise Carson


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Stranded Between Doubt and Faith is a book about maintaining your composure during the in-between stage of your life. Ever woke up feeling sad but happy circumstances were around you. You got a good job, you got a good mate, you are living the American Dream but for some reason, you still get this bad feeling in your stomach that something is not right. Now and then an individual goes through a transition of wanting more. Rather they are in a place in life that is wonderful or things need some growing. The average person elevates every three years. This means every three years your brain goes through a switch, what was once okay is no longer acceptable. Its called growth, and during this stage is the most difficult, finding yourself and discovering truths. As I began to develop my true self, searching for peace in a toxic mind. I could not control my thoughts no matter how great or bad the situation was. This book will help create new thinking patterns and break old habits. Many authentic people are not bad individuals they just express bad traits due to being in survival mode. It's not that you do not believe you deserve it, you are wondering how do you get there? Ever thought to yourself it might be you. The reason you didn't become successful, the reason you don't have that life-changing role all starts with you. As I took my journey of discovery I had to forgive myself for being human and accept the mistakes I have made. Once I gave myself a second chance so did life. It seems like everything began to fall in place again. I was getting calls for better jobs and even having better connections. Doing the work showed me outcomes that I wanted to share with the world. It actually works, healing the thing that has been holding you back. Recreating your thinking for positive beliefs. If everything out your mouth comes true, did you say things to express life or death?This book will help you answer some hard questions and swallow some pills. How can you maintain happiness and stop feeling stuck? DO THE WORK within yourself and watch the Universe answer your request. The universe feels your energy when you doubt yourself. The universe feels your energy when you feel less deserving. The universe will answer your authentic self if you take the time to discover your true authenticity. For your cup to overflow it has to be filled, do not walk around half empty. Let us Elevate together as we tell our truths and discover our authenticity, together. #StayTuned

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ISBN-13: 9798602933543
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 02/10/2020
Pages: 38
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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