Steel Jungle

Steel Jungle

by Glenn Starkey


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Jim Thurman never thought he’d find himself at the center of an international plot to control America’s oil market. It’s 1990 and the mindset of the global giant Titan Oil is that terrorism only happens overseas. Protecting its people and flagship refinery in Grainger City is the last thing to be concerned with, even though the refinery supplies the largest daily percentage of gasoline to the nation. But when a terrorist group attacks the refinery to destroy it and unleash a lethal chemical, it’s up to Thurman to stop them. Thurman, former Marine and Vietnam veteran, had left police work for better pay in Titan Oil's refinery security. That was when he had a wife and son. When they died, so did his sanity. To retain what's left, he decides to leave it all behind and start a new life without the scars. He’ll resign and say goodbye to the refinery, but more importantly, to his fellow veterans working in the refinery, the "War Dogs." His departure is delayed when a rogue black ops mercenary, Adam Murdock, attacks the refinery with a team of terrorists known as the "Serpent and the Sword." Their stated sympathies are with the Middle East and unless their demands are met they will destroy the refinery and release its stockpile of lethal hydrofluoric acid on the surrounding population. Yet Murdock intends to destroy the refinery regardless of the demands. That is what his employer paid him to do. The Director of the CIA knew, yet hid the attack information in hopes of elevating his agency’s future power. Venezuela wants to leave OPEC and be America’s primary supplier. Hiring Adam Murdock was the answer. Lay blame on the Middle East, turn America against OPEC, and Venezuela reaps the oil rewards. The Director never counted on Alexandra McCall, an agent within his agency, leaking the information to the National Security Council. With terrorists slaughtering employees and setting explosives to destroy the massive refinery, Jim Thurman realizes he must fight alone. But his blooded brothers, the War Dogs, choose to make the last stand with him—even at the cost of their lives for an ungrateful corporation... A rogue black ops agent. A ruthless terrorist group’s takeover of a refinery. An intelligence agency director that knows the truth but hid the report. The global oil giant that believes everything is second to profit. A country wanting to break away from OPEC and take America’s oil market with it. The potential release of a lethal chemical on a city – and one man with a handful of Vietnam veterans to make a last stand against the insanity and prevent doomsday. STEEL JUNGLE is the nightmare no one wants to consider. Reality is laid bare in this raw-nerved, fast-paced, hard-hitting thriller.

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ISBN-13: 9781543902211
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 07/13/2017
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Glenn Starkey is a former USMC Sergeant, Vietnam veteran, Texas law enforcement, retired from a global oil corporation as security manager of a refinery, chemical plant, and its marine facilities. He’s been a lecturer, consultant, and Interim Director of Security for a Gulf Coast port. For the past eight years Glenn has volunteered to mentor and assist elementary grade children with their reading skills in his local school district. He lives in Texas.

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