Simca's Cuisine: One Hundred Classic French Recipes For Every Occasion

Simca's Cuisine: One Hundred Classic French Recipes For Every Occasion

Hardcover(First Edition)



Millions know Simone "Simca" Beck as Julia Child's French partner in creating the two unforgettable volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Simca's Cuisine offers the delectable recipes that Beck personally treasured most. She presents family specialties from the well-thumbed notebooks of her mother and grandmother as well as recipes from her life in Normandy, Alsace, and Provence where she gardened, cooked, and entertained. Skillfully adapting French ways to American needs, Simca's Cuisine gives us both simple delights and fabulous concoctions presented with elegant clarity and delightful illustrations. Menus range from informal dinners that include a beef, lamb, and pork stew from "After a winter walk in the woods" and a baked apple dessert from "Autumn in Normandy" to more formal lunches and dinners that include "A gala Sunday lunch" with its sautéed trout with an almond cream sauce and "A spectacular dinner with champagne" that begins with salmon in brioche. With a charming foreword by Julia Child—her student, co-author, collaborator, and friend for forty years—here is a cookbook truly for every occasion.

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ISBN-13: 9780762792986
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 11/05/2013
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Simone "Simca" Beck was born in Normandy and studied at the Cordon Bleu, which Julia Child was attending when the two women met at a party. Together they wrote the landmark Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Beck traveled extensively in America and taught at James Beard's cooking school among others. She died in 1991.

Table of Contents

Foreword Julia Child xiii

Preface Simone Beck xv

Informal Occasions

En Famille Et Entre Nous/Ten Dinners for Family and Close Friends

1 Un menu des quatre saisons/A menu for all seasons 3

2 Un menu Normandie-Provence/Flavors from Normandy and Provence 12

3 Un dîner á la campagne/A country dinner 18

4 Un dîner "á la bonne franquette"/A dinner plain and hearty 25

5 Le menu des tourangeaux/A spring dinner from Touraine 32

6 Un dîner en hiver après une marche en forét/After a winter walk in the woods 37

7 Un menu rapide mais delicieux/A quick and delicious meal 45

8 Un dîner alsacien/An Alsatian supper 49

9 Un menu au pili-pili/A spicy menu 56

10 Un menu d'automne normand/Autumn in Normandy 63

More Formal Occasions

Six Dé Jeuners/Six Luncheons

11 Un petit menu très chic/A chic little lunch 73

12 Un déjeuner sans-souci/A carefree luncheon 79

13 Dejeuner "au manoir"/Luncheon at a country house 87

14 Un menu délicat/A delicate menu 95

15 Un déjeuner de dames, pour six à huit/A ladies' luncheon 101

16 Un menu de gala pour un dimanche/A gala Sunday lunch 109

Huit Dîners Priés/Eight Dinner Parties for Eight

17 Un dîner chic en hiver/A chic winter dinner 119

18 Un dîner insolite au printemps/ A dinner for early spring 126

19 Un menu de panache au champagne/ A spectacular dinner with champagne 134

20 Un dîner canaille pour joyeux amis/An earthy dinner for high-spirited friends 144

21 Un dîner d'automne à la campagne après un journée sportive/An autumn dinner after a day in the fresh air 152

22 Un dîner élégant de fin d'été sur la terrasse/An elegant summer dinner on the terrace 160

23 Une reception en hiver avec dîner buffet/A winter sit-down buffet 168

24 Un menu somptueux pour recevoir Mr. Knopf/A dinner grand and sumptuous 177

Special Occasions

25 Une collation d'un jour de chasse/A hunt breakfast 189

26 Un pique-nique élégant/An elegant picnic 196

27 Un pique-nique en famille/A family picnic 202

28 Thé/A high tea 208

29 Le Cocktail/A cocktail party 225

30 Un buffet en hiver/A winter buffet 245

31 Un buffet en été/A summer buffet 247

Les Autres Plats de Choix

Other Favorite Dishes 255

Pot Pourri

Basic Recipes and Notes 297

Aide-Mémoire 317

Index 329

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