Sex Begins in the Kitchen: A Marriage Manual for Men

Sex Begins in the Kitchen: A Marriage Manual for Men

by Joe Hill


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The pain of a failed marriage and a family torn apart is cruel and lingering. Men are not spared this agony when a marriage ends. Viewing images posted on social media of family events while sitting alone on the outside looking in is a torture not fitting for most people. While at the same time we men sometimes just let things happen, like watching a sinking ship go down instead of repairing the breaches causing it to sink. It's difficult to find books that talk directly to men about the ways women respond in relationships and how we cab more effectively and proactively become engaged in the process of keeping our marriage new and fresh. Men simply don't know everything about loving a woman and sometimes we need a little help. The fact is there are easy and applicable methods in being the husband your wife desires. It really isn't rocket science, but it does take effort and repetition. There is no reason that a five or ten year marriage needs to be comfortable and predictable if exciting and spontaneous is preferred. This book will teach you things like continual dating, better communication skills, how intimacy is a mindset and not an event, and how to become more deliberate and fulfilling lovers for your wives. There are things you just don't learn in church or from your parents, and brides don't come with How To manuals. Hopefully this book will fill in many gaps of left-out information so that a man can be a participant, if not the leader in creating and maintaining a romance that movie directors would be envious of.

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ISBN-13: 9781973227144
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Publication date: 11/04/2017
Pages: 172
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