Sev's Blackmailed Bride (The Dante Dynasty Series: Book#1): The Dante Inferno

Sev's Blackmailed Bride (The Dante Dynasty Series: Book#1): The Dante Inferno

by Day Leclaire


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Some blazes, once ignited, can't be extinguished.
Just one burning touch connects a Dante with his soul mate.
The Inferno ... curse or blessing?

One scorching touch connects Sev Dante with lovely jewelry designer, Francesca Sommers. One passionate night together changes their lives forever. One painful secret will tear them apart and destroy both their lives.

As the powerful, take-charge CEO of Dantes jewelry empire, Sev never believed in The Inferno until it sweeps through him like wildfire. According to family legend, to ignore The Inferno guarantees disaster. To succumb, a life of bliss. But what happens when the woman The Inferno chooses works for his competitor and creates a stunning jewelry collection that threatens to destroy his plans to rebuild his family's empire? The only option available: blackmail her to work for him and become his bride.

Francesca Sommers has her dream job, working for her father, even if he's unaware of her existence. Her life is almost perfect ... until Sev changes her with a single touch. She can't resist him or his relentless seduction. Has no choice but to surrender to his raw passion. To give him everything and anything he demands. Even to be forced into marriage.

But surrendering to Sev means losing both her budding relationship with her father and her career. And when Sev discovers what she did to even the scales and protect her father's business from his hostile takeover, she will lose him, too.

Will The Inferno be enough to save them? Or will its relentless fire consume them both?

Note to Readers: Sev's Blackmailed Bride is Book #1 in The Dante Inferno: the Dante Dynasty Series, a contemporary romance series by USA Today bestselling author and eleven-time RITA© (Romance Writers of America) finalist, Day Leclaire. This story features passionate Italian-American heroes, the scorching connection of The Inferno, and a sizzling romance between soul mates. Click to buy Sev's Blackmailed Bride today to experience the irresistible burn of the Inferno for yourself!This book includes a preview of Book #2 in The Dante Dynasty, Marco's Stolen Wife.


Q & A with Day Leclaire:

So explain this Inferno business?
Right?!? Wouldn't it make life so much simpler-and so much more complicated-if we could identify our soul mates with a single touch? I loved the concept and it was the springboard for the entire series. I always try to incorporate just a touch of fantasy in all my books. To my delight, readers seem to identify with the idea, so thanks to all of you who fell in love with both the Dantes and The Inferno!

Can you tell us one interesting detail about this particular book?
Sure! I guess the most significant detail I incorporated in this story is Primo Dante, the family patriarch. You see, I grew up without grandfathers. Sadly, they both died before I was born. So I never knew the joy or love of a grandfather. Since I couldn't have one in real life, I infused all of my love and longing in Primo and invented someone I consider the perfect patriarch. I hope readers will let me know if they agree. Just email me at: I try and respond personally to every email.

Can you tell me what order to read the books?
Absolutely! Here you go:

Book #1: Sev's Blackmailed Bride
Book #2: Marco's Stolen Wife
Book #3: Nicolò's Wedding Deception
Book #4: Lazz's Contract Marriage
Book #5: Luc's Unwilling Wife
Book #6: Rafe's Temporary Fiancée
Book #7: Draco's Marriage Pact
Book #8: Gianna's Honor-Bound Husband
Book #9: Becoming Dante: Gabe
Book #10:Dante's Dilemma: Romero
Book #11:Forever Dante: Lucia

The Dante Inferno: The Dante Dynasty Series: Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Humorous Romance, Steamy Romance, Sexy Romance, and just a touch of Fant

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ISBN-13: 9781939925329
Publisher: Day Leclaire Inc
Publication date: 01/01/2020
Series: Dante Dynasty Series , #1
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.52(d)

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