Self Growth - Through Self Esteem Techniques: Self Growth II - For Busy People

Self Growth - Through Self Esteem Techniques: Self Growth II - For Busy People

by Ron Millicent


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Is there REALLY a magical, mystical doorway - just for you?
Is that a lot of baloney, or is it really possible?

Is there REALLY a way to change your life?
Or is that just a pipe dream?

Can you REALLY take those unexpected occurrences that we all have, and PROFIT from them?
Hah - Really!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look around - and see if you can't identify some individuals who can say 'Ye&sgrave; to those questions.

Now, wonder why you can't be one of them!

Imagine finding 'gift&sgrave; in the most unlikely places. Imagine being able (finally) to recognize those gifts that are camouflaged as something else. They are all over, and after reading this, you will recognize them.

Imagine profiting mightily by turning those unexpected life occurrences we all have - into fantastic advantages for you, without all the baloney.

Get into the minds of three highly unlikely 'heroe&sgrave; of our story and watch their lives unfold in entirely predictable ways - to everyone but them

Imagine being able to look at those 'set back&sgrave; in your life - and changing them into huge advantages.

• What if you could have the ability to look at life's events - that we can't escape from - and turning them into benefits that will last your entire life?
• What if you read stories about real life experiences and actually be able to relate to them - and change everything for you?
• How would your life be different if you could take what other people say it a 'crushing blo&wgrave; and be able to look at it in such a way that your life's journey is enhanced?

Discover, or relearn, or remember, that 'attitude' and how we use it to react to adverse situations define who we are, and who we will become.

This book is an amazing story of reacting to situations - and recognizing 'gift&sgrave; that come to us constantly. It gives examples of gifts which we often ignore. It tells of one small gift that wound up in an international setting. It demonstrates how the smallest gift can result in something quite stupendous.

In this little book you will see and discover:

• is there really a doorway through which you can go?
• How two vets handled unexpected 'juncture&sgrave; in their lives
• You will see their decision affected their lives, and how you can benefit from learning their choices
• You will see how a teacher never left her 'comfort zonè and how that affected her life
• You will see how the concept of a Treasure Chest applies to you

And, there is even a BONUS!

It is a 24 page 'Quick Start Workbook' that will look closely at the events in the book - and will encourage you to examine them - and process that 'thinkin&ggrave; into your life.

It is priceless!

Don't go another day without this little masterpiece in your hands.

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ISBN-13: 9781542621038
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/13/2017
Series: Self Growth - Fun, Easy & Effective
Pages: 84
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