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Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness

Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness

by Stephen Lewis, Evan Slawson

Paperback(Revised ed.)

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More than half a century after Einstein first described the energetic unity of the world in his famous equation, E=mc2, we are finally beginning to understand the spiritual and mystical implications of his discovery. Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness is about the miraculous possibilities that emerge when we see the universe as a matrix of frozen light, the spiritual manifestation of our intuitive consciousnesses.

In this remarkable novel, you will find a new energetic model of the body, the spirit, and the nature of the physical world. It points the way to unlimited possibilities of absolute, eternal transformation, and you will find out that it is readily available now!

After reading this book, you too can take advantage of the techniques of energetic Quantum-Consciousness Evaluation, and be able to identify and remove subtle-energy imbalances to attain and integrate physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony!

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ISBN-13: 9781561708451
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 09/28/2002
Edition description: Revised ed.
Pages: 225
Sales rank: 227,014
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Stephen Lewis has dedicated his life to the discovery of energetic possibilities in the development of human consciousness and well-being. His work is attested to by the endorsements in this book and by many more people whose collected testimonials would require a separate book of their own. Stephen’s self-published title sold 30,000 copies, The hardcover edition: ISBN: 1-56170-844-5, sold 25,000 copies for a total of 55,000 copies.

Table of Contents

Jane and Terry11
My House15
The Road21
Jane: An Energetic Evaluation51
Max and Me73
The Choir93
Jane's First Reevaluation103
Doug's Ideas107
The Thumb Chronicles--Part I115
Resolving the Unknowable125
Jane's Second Reevaluation135
The Thumb Chronicles--Part II139
Max Speaks157
The End of the Thumb Chronicles167
My Turn179
Jane: A Postscript185
Epilogue: The Evolution of AIM187
Epilogue--Part II: Up-to-Date197
An Invitation212
Annotated Contents213


Santa Monica, CA

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