Saints Chronicles Collection 1

Saints Chronicles Collection 1

by Various Authors


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The Saints Chronicles bring vividly to life the stories of courageous Christians from the earliest days of Christianity to modern times. All four volumes of this Graphic Novel Series are packed with engaging texts and dramatic images that captivate and inspire readers of all ages.

In this first volume, you’ll dive into the life of Christianity’s boldest heroes of the Faith, including:

• St. Patrick, a young boy captured by Irish pirates and made a slave, only to escape and later return to convert all of pagan Ireland to Christianity.
• St. Jerome Emiliani, the bold soldier who became a Christian while imprisoned in a dark dungeon, escaping to join the priesthood and lead a life in service to the poor and suffering.
• St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the wealthy New York widow who made vows of poverty and chastity, creating the very first Catholic schools in the United States and becoming America’s first saint.
• St. Joan of Arc, the thirteen-year-old-girl who God called to rally a demoralized army and lead the Catholic French to an overwhelming defeat of the English.

The stirring adventures of these brave Christian souls remind us that God has in mind for each of us a unique mission, worthy of all our imagination and all our daring.

Appealing to readers of all ages, these four Graphic Novels will enhance literacy and promote content retention while introducing Catholic saints in a form that can be enjoyed again and again.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622826742
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
Publication date: 09/20/2018
Pages: 120
Sales rank: 294,473
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 10.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

1.) Al Milgrom (INKS) is an American comic book writer, penciller, inker and editor, primarily for Marvel Comics. He is known for his 10-year run as editor of Marvel Fanfare; his long involvement as writer, penciler, and inker on Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man; his four-year tenure as West Coast Avengers penciller; and his long stint as the inker of X-Factor.


Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award, 1982

Inkwell Awards 2017 Special Recognition Award

2.) Dan Davis (INKS) is a two time Eisner nominated comic illustrator currently co-penciling the Garfield comic strip under the close supervision of long time Garfield strip artist Gary Barker and the big cat himself Jim Davis! (no relation!) He also contributes to Bongo Comics (The Simpsons and Futurama) as well as DC Comics, Warner Bros., BOOM, and a host of others, working on such characters as Batman, Harry Potter, Samurai Jack, the British Avengers (Steed & Mrs. Peel) & more!

In 2012 Dan was nominated for an Eisner award for the Batman Brave and the Bold series at DC Comics, following up a 2011 nomination for "The Death of Comic Book Guy" mini-series at Bongo Comics (The Simpsons).

A partial list of clients include: Paws Inc., Bongo Comics (The Simpsons), DC Comics, Warner Bros., BOOM Comics, Archie Comics, Scholastic, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant, King Features, and Nickelodeon

Dan's work has included some full color children's books as well featuring Scooby-Doo and line illustrations for Harry Potter activity books that were tie-ins to the last six movies of the series.

3.) Tod Smith (PENCILS)

Penciling chores on The Omega Men, his first solo gig, at DC Comics. Next came The Vigilante and several other projects for DC ('Green Lantern', 'Blue Devil', & 'Peacemaker'), followed by a run on The Green Hornet for NOW Comics, and a variety of fill-ins for Marvel, including Conan, The Silver Surfer, Punisher, Green Goblin, and the Scarlet Spider. This led to his being offered the penciling for Darkhawk, a fairly new character at Marvel, which he did for two years, right up to the Marvel implosion of the mid-nineties.

4.) Edgar Salazar (ARTIST)


Venom, X-Men: Blue Annual, Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic, Ice Man, Guardians of the Galaxy.


Justice League if America: Black Adam, Smallville: Alien, Deathstroke, Constantine, He-Man, Secrete Origins

5.) Ulises Arreda Palomera (Colorist)


Green Arrow, Justice League Of America, Justice League Dark, Green Arrow, Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Grayson’s, Batgirl, Brightest Day Aftermath, DC Comics Presents: The New 52.

6.) Kevin West (PENCILER)


Silver Surfer, Venom, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk, Marvel Superheroes, Phoenix Resurrection, Spider-Man, Thor.


A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wonder Woman and the Justice League of America, Majestic: The Final Cut, Gen, The Blue Beetle, Steel.

7.) Mark McNabb (COLORS)


Gambit, X-51, Incredible Hulk, Quicksilver, Tales from the Age of Apocalypse, Heroes For Hire, Blade, X-Factor, Spider-Man, X-Men, Spider-Man Team- Up, Bishop: The Last X-Men, Captain Marvel, Venom.

8.) Terry Pallot (INKS) is a Canadian comic book artist. He has worked for a number of companies, doing pencil art, inking, and occasionally writing scripts. His highest profile work is on the Trek books released by both Malibu Comics, where he began inking their DS9 series over Gordon Purcell's pencil art. He continued from there, working on Star Trek series for both DC and Marvel Comics, including a run doing the pencil art on Star Trek: Voyager.

He has tended to work on a number of licensed properties, including Aliens, Transformers, and Planet of the Apes, and is also well known for his Sword of Dracula series.

9.) Gordon Purcell (PENCILER)


Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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