Rush to Glory: FORMULA 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry

Rush to Glory: FORMULA 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry


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The greatest duel in FORMULA 1 history: the 1976 season between Austrian Niki Lauda and Britain's James Hunt. As the '75 season ended, Hunt was out of FORMULA 1 racing while Lauda was world champion and the odds-on favorite for '76 with a year's contract ahead of him and Enzo Ferrari begging him to sign a multi-year deal. James Hunt, without a drive until Emerson Fittipaldi broke his McLaren contract, grabbed the McLaren drive with both hands and the help of friend John Hogan and Marlboro cigarettes. The result? Two drivers in an epic sixteen-race battle across the globe for the '76 title, ultimately decided by a single point. Fame, wealth, drugs, sex, and the rest of globetrotting 1970s FORMULA 1 racing are encompassed in the Lauda vs. Hunt duel. At the '76 German Grand Prix, Lauda nearly died in a fiery crash, only to emerge six weeks later, severe burns on his face and head, to pursue his rivalry with Hunt. It all came down to the last race, a rain-soaked affair in Japan, where Hunt won the championship by the slimmest possible margin. The book is a study in contrasts during an era of Brut aftershave and disco sex parties. James Hunt, legendary philanderer and FORMULA 1 rock star, versus supernatural racer Niki Lauda, who in '75 set the first sub-seven minute lap around the Ring.

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ISBN-13: 9780762791972
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 08/06/2013
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 615,901
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About the Author

Tom Rubython is the former editor of F1 Magazine, Business F1, SportsPro and most recently Spectator Business Magazine. Throughout his 30 year career he has also been involved in many newspaper and magazine launches. He is best known as the author of the biography, The Life of Senna. Before founding The Myrtle Press he was involved in the publishing of nine previous books.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Preface xiii

Foreword John Watson xv

Chapter 1 Niki and James before 1976 1

Chapter 2 Contrasting Fortunes 15

Chapter 3 Hunt Astonishes McLaren and Lauda 25

Chapter 4 Niki's Women Problems 42

Chapter 5 James's Women Problems 51

Chapter 6 Lauda Sets the Order 58

Chapter 7 Women Problems Resolved 65

Chapter 8 Three in a Row for Ferrari 77

Chapter 9 Ferrari Shoots Itself 84

Chapter 10 Hunt Wins, Then He Doesn't 92

Chapter 11 Ferrari Ascendant, McLaren in Chaos 100

Chapter 12 Lauda's Magic around Monte Carlo 105

Chapter 13 Lauda Has an Off Day 112

Chapter 14 Blood in the Garages 115

Chapter 15 Hunt's First Proper Win 119

Chapter 16 FIA Restores Hunt's Points 124

Chapter 17 Fiasco on Home Ground 126

Chapter 18 Enzo Ferrari Woos Lauda 138

Chapter 19 Hunt Takes Full Advantage 144

Chapter 20 Near-Death Experience 151

Chapter 21 Watson Denies Hunt the Advantage 160

Chapter 22 Hunt States Serious Intent 167

Chapter 23 Lauda Returns from the Dead 173

Chapter 24 Hunt Loses British Win 188

Chapter 25 Hunt's Faint Chance 195

Chapter 26 Fate Intervenes in New York 202

Chapter 27 Caldwell Outsmarts Audetto 209

Chapter 28 Hedonism at the Hilton 215

Chapter 29 Showdown in Japan 220

Chapter 30 A New British Champion 240

Chapter 31 Postscript 252

Appendix I Brazilian Grand Prix 259

Appendix II South African Grand Prix 260

Appendix III US Grand Prix West 262

Appendix IV Spanish Grand Prix 264

Appendix V Belgian Grand Prix 266

Appendix VI Monaco Grand Prix 268

Appendix VII Swedish Grand Prix 270

Appendix VIII French Grand Prix 272

Appendix IX British Grand Prix 274

Appendix X German Grand Prix 276

Appendix XI Austrian Grand Prix 278

Appendix XII Dutch Grand Prix 280

Appendix XIII Italian Grand Prix 282

Appendix XIV Canadian Grand Prix 284

Appendix XV US Grand Prix 286

Appendix XVI Japanese Grand Prix 288

Index 290

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