Rules of the Road: The Tonga Proverbs

Rules of the Road: The Tonga Proverbs

by Steady Moono (Compiler)


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Dr. Steady Moono’s life has taken him away from his native Zambia, and he worries that his children will never know Africa in a real and intimate way. When he relates stories of sharing a fire with elders, who in turn shared their wisdom and guidance, he tries to keep his children’s imaginations from failing them. They did not have the experience of growing up surrounded by the many beautiful traditions and rituals of life in the savannah plains of southern Zambia, as he did.

With this in mind, Dr. Moono gathered some of the most beloved proverbs of his childhood to help inspire those young minds. Paired with illustrations by Monica Lord, these traditional Zambian lessons are available to a new generation. These sayings represent universal truths that can make all the difference in one’s life. Simple yet profound, within them hides great wisdom, warmth, and humor.

If you feel as if you are lost in the wilderness of life, the wisdom here may help guide you to peace and safety.

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ISBN-13: 9781458209191
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication date: 05/30/2013
Pages: 50
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Rules of the Road

The Tonga Proverbs

By Steady Moono, Monica Lord

Abbott Press

Copyright © 2013 Steady H. Moono
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4582-0919-1


My two children, Micah Sibajene and Naomi Sipiwe will never know Africa, and in particular Zambia, in a real and intimate manner. They will miss out on the many beautiful traditions and rituals of growing up in the savannah plains of Southern Zambia. When I relate to them my memories of sitting by the fire listening to the elders recount life and its challenges and trials, their imagination will certainly fail them.

Giving is investing

A coward hyena lives longer

A rabbit has only one opportunity

Persistence softens an anthill

The fastest runner captures a guinea fowl

A foolish person is food for the wise

Promise a poor person a cow, he won't sleep

A dove is warned in the trap

A monkey who over straightened his tail broke it

A monkey does fall from a tree

A leopard does not change its spots

A parent's reputation is seen in the child

An old cow will drink milk from its young

Heavy rains do not make maize grow

An antelope that escapes the trap is food for the next day

He who wonders alone will drown in a pond

Companionship makes the journey short

A nursing rat doesn't get fat

A river without a bank lost its water

One finger doesn't open a groundnut

Pride goes before a fall

Humility ensures blessings

Everything in life

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