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Ruined by Rumor

Ruined by Rumor

by Alyssa Everett

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After waiting five years for her fiancé to return from the war and marry her, Roxana Langley has been jilted! She may have longed for excitement, but this was not what she had in mind...

Who could possibly throw over a woman as beautiful and vivacious as Roxana? Certainly not Alex Winslow, the Earl of Ayersley, who has spent years trying in vain to forget his unrequited love. When he learns she's been abandoned by her cad of a fiancé, he finds himself offering a shoulder for her to cry on. Comfort soon turns into a passionate kiss—and scandal when they are caught in an embrace.

Only one thing will save Roxana from certain ruination: marriage to the earl. The match may save her reputation, but responsible, tongue-tied Ayersley is a far cry from her dashing former fiancé. She's convinced Ayersley is merely doing his duty...while he's sure Roxana is still in love with another man. Are they trading one disaster for another?

92,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426896101
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 04/15/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 668,169
File size: 807 KB

About the Author

Alyssa Everett grew up in Florida, where from an early age most of her favorite books had dukes in them. She spent her teen years working in a theme park, doing everything from collecting garbage to captaining an African boat cruise. A Harvard grad, she married her college sweetheart. They live with their three children in Pennsylvania.

Alyssa is a fan of regency history, Halloween, springer spaniels, Zumba and the perfect shoes. Visit her website at

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Derbyshire, 1814

Breathless, Roxana threw open the front door, bounded up two flights of stairs and burst into the nursery. There she discovered her mother kneeling on the floor, pinning up her little brother's sleeves as he fidgeted in his new coat.

"Mama, the most amazing news! Wait until you hear!"

The May sunlight slanting through the window painted the room and all its contents—Roxana's mother, Harry, his battered rocking horse, his blocks and toy soldiers, the whitewashed walls, the polished oak floors—a cheerful butter color.

Lady Langley glanced to where Roxana stood, still wearing her bonnet, and the frown of concentration she'd been wearing deepened. "I heard this morning. And for heaven's sake, Roxana, I don't know which is worse, the unladylike way in which you came thundering up the stairs, or your eagerness to spread gossip."

"Gossip?" Roxana was used to being criticized for chattering when she should be still or for breaking into giggles when a lady would only smile demurely. She'd expected a reproving glance for pelting up the stairs. But to call news of her fiancé's return to Derbyshire after five long years mere gossip? That seemed unduly harsh.

"Yes, gossip." Lady Langley gave an emphatic bob of her head. "I can't imagine who would divulge such a shocking rumor to an unmarried young lady, but I sincerely hope you haven't told anyone else."

Roxana doffed her bonnet, blond curls falling loose despite the countless pins she'd put in her hair that morning. "But what's so shocking about George coming home? It's the most wonderful news I've heard in ages."

Lady Langley rocked back to sit on her heels, pursing her lips and tilting her head to one side. "George is coming home?"

Harry looked up, though he was too young to remember meeting George in the flesh. "Major Wyatt?"

Roxana clasped her hands to her heart, hitting herself with her bonnet in the process. "Yes, finally! He's finished settling those business affairs poor dying Lieutenant Hoke entrusted to him—"

"More likely he was carousing in Town," her mother said under her breath, straightening again and making another adjustment to Harry's sleeve.

"George does not carouse. I met his sister Sophie in the village and she says he should arrive before the week is out." Roxana suppressed an unladylike urge to squeal and do an ecstatic jig. "He's really coming back. I'm finally getting married!"

Lady Langley sighed. "Then I'm happy for you, Roxana."

She didn't look happy. She looked as if someone had just told her there were flies in the dining room. It made no sense, for George was the handsomest, bravest, most dashing man Roxana had ever met, six feet tall and a major in the Fifth Dragoon Guards. They'd remained devoted to each other through every minute of the five years he'd been away fighting on the Peninsula.

Roxana did her best to sidestep the usual quarrel that arose whenever George's name came up. "But you weren't talking about my news, were you? What rumor did you mean?"

Her mother busied herself with starting on Harry's other sleeve. "Never mind."

"What's happened? It has to be something truly shocking if you're convinced it's not even fit for me to hear. Has one of the gentlemen of the neighborhood taken a mistress?"

Lady Langley scowled and covered her little boy's ears with her hands. "Roxana, really. And in front of Harry."

But Roxana sensed a juicy scandal in the offing. "Has someone eloped? Is someone in the family way?"

Lady Langley's stony expression gave a telltale quiver.

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