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Right Every Time: Using the Deming Approach

Right Every Time: Using the Deming Approach

by Frank Price
Right Every Time: Using the Deming Approach

Right Every Time: Using the Deming Approach

by Frank Price


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A Druid looks at quality control for product and service industries, amplifying from his earlier book Right first time . Some highlights: Quality is a religion, with the same trappings and pitfalls as other religions; humanity can be distorted, but not abolished, by managerial decree and organizatio

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780367456023
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/09/2019
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.44(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Frank Price

Table of Contents

1 The Long-Neglected Tools of Quality, Viewpoints, The four peaks of Harrison and Handy, What about you?, Quality, the new religion, The Idiot’s Tale: 1, Summary, 2 Deming’s First Point, Giving away the vision, Change, Second-rate or excellence?, The Idiot’s Tale: 2, Concepts of folly and futility: the bottle-to bottle hook up, Summary, 3 Deming’s Second Point, The ‘old’ philosophy, The ‘new’ philosophy, The Idiot’s Tale: 3, Summary, 4 Deming’s Third Point, You know what canz meanz?, The manufacture of tinplate cans, The problem, The solution, Concepts of folly and futility: the poisoned river, The Idiot’s Tale: 4, Summary, 5 Deming’s Fourth Point, Relationship styles, More about customer/supplier relationships, Purchasing criteria, The Idiot’s Tale: 5, Summary, 6 Deming’s Fifth Point, The black art, The Idiot’s Tale: 6, Summary, 7 Deming’s Sixth and Thirteenth Points, People, things and systems – the three props of industry, Applying Deming’s sixth and thirteenth points, The Idiot’s Tale: 7, Summary, 8 Deming’s Seventh, Tenth and Eleventh Points, Supervision, The slogan slingers, The holy cow, The Idiot’s Tale: 8, Summary, 9 Deming’s Eighth, Ninth, Twelfth and Fourteenth Points, Fear, The Joshua effect, The Idiot’s Tale: 9, Summary, 10 Who Needs Religion?, The invisible ones, Getting some help – going out for it, Getting some help – bringing it in, Traps and snares, Dale’s pitfalls, Power and its three prongs – the double trident, The ‘Message’, The Idiot’s Tale: 10, Summary, Select Bibliography, Index

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