Resurrected, Restitution: Tender Mysteries Series, Books One and Two

Resurrected, Restitution: Tender Mysteries Series, Books One and Two

by Fran Shaff


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The Tender Mysteries Series of Inspirational
American Historical Romance

After a flood annihilates a wagon train in 1888, eleven female survivors build a life in Hope, Nebraska.

Book One of the Tender Mysteries Series

His interference infuriates her.

Her passion inspires him.

July, 1895. Hope, Nebraska. For years Deborah Willet has been protecting her sisters without the interference (or aid) of any man. Though she's often resented the responsibilities heaped on her after her parents and brothers are killed in a flood, she's done her duty just fine on her own. When family treasures begin to disappear, she's confident she can locate the nasty villain stealing from her family without the help of any outsiders--until Steven Paxton raises doubts about everything she's always believed in.

For months Steven has convinced the world he isn't the least bit upset about the accident which put him in a wheelchair. Secretly, he spends most of his time wallowing in self pity, refusing to do the rehabilitation exercises the doctor has told him will restore the use of his legs. He believes he's half a man now, and he simply must accept his fate--until Deborah makes him realize he can do anything he sets his mind to doing.

Except, perhaps, winning the heart of the beautiful woman who's stolen his.

Book Two of the Tender Mysteries Series

Running off with a handsome stranger is hardly something Amy McKittrick would do under ordinary circumstances.

Diego Consillo is hunting down a man who's stolen over five thousand dollars, and beautiful Amy seems to be the key to finding him.

November, 1895. Hope Nebraska. For years Amy has been trying to make amends for a crime she'd committed when she was fifteen years old. She's doggedly, habitually avoided sin since that one infraction, but when Diego comes to town making all kinds of horrible accusations she finds herself lying over and over again. Alone with him in the countryside, on the trail of a thief, as Amy succumbs to Diego's charms, she feels worse than ever for misleading him, even as she begins to feel whole again by loving him.

Within days of leaving Hope Diego is ashamed he's subjected a lovely woman like Amy to the harshness of a manhunt, but what could he do? He owes his loyalty to the people in Indiana who are counting on him to find the man who's stolen their money, and Amy is his only chance for success with his mission. Maybe he wouldn't feel so guilty if he wasn't falling in love with the sweet, beautiful woman, but he was. And there wasn't a thing he could do stop a love more powerful than either of them.

Reviewer comments about Author Fran Shaff

Fallen Angel Reviews: "Fran Shaff is a wonderful writer whose prose speak with passion from her heart.

Coffee Time Romance: "I will be looking for more from this author."

The Romance Studio: "Ms. Shaff is a gifted writer that always delivers in her stories."

CataRomance: "Fran Shaff is a wonderful storyteller, and she knows how to pull her readers immediately into the world of her characters. I like this author's writing style, and it makes for a fast-paced and entertaining read."

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About the Author

Just about all of us want to get away from the demands of everyday life from time to time. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the luxury of being able to take off to some new, exciting place whenever we feel the urge--unless we like to read.

A book can take us anywhere we'd like to go. For readers who enjoy living vicariously in pastimes or in modern times Fran Shaff provides a great escape in the more than twenty novels she's published over the years. Fran's fictional books have won awards from readers, reviewers and fellow authors, and her non-fiction has been acknowledged in this way too.

Love is the main focus of all of Fran's books, whether they're contemporary or historical, serious or humorous, written for adults or teens. Love between men and women and among friends and families is featured in her books because there is nothing most of us want more than to love and be loved. Happy endings abound, but the journey to reaching that joyful final moment is always a rocky struggle, just the way we want our fiction (even though we could do without the drama in our real lives).

Look for new, full-length historical romance novels from Fran Shaff in the ten-book "Tender Mysteries Series," available now and debuting throughout 2013 and 2014. The first novel in the series "Resurrected" is available as a free download at most Internet bookstores. The series is available in single e-book and two-pack paperback formats.

Reviewers say: "Ms. Shaff is a gifted writer that always delivers in her stories." (The Romance Studio) "I have discovered a great new author in Fran Shaff. She writes with depth and understanding and digs deep into the emotional lives of her characters bringing the reader with her all the way." (A Romance Review) "Fran Shaff is a wonderful writer whose prose speak with passion from her heart." (Fallen Angel Reviews) "Ms. Shaff writes about characters that warm your heart and give you a good chuckle as well." (Coffee Time Romance)

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