Restorative Yoga for Beginners: Gentle Poses for Relaxation and Healing

Restorative Yoga for Beginners: Gentle Poses for Relaxation and Healing

by Julia Clarke
Restorative Yoga for Beginners: Gentle Poses for Relaxation and Healing

Restorative Yoga for Beginners: Gentle Poses for Relaxation and Healing

by Julia Clarke

Paperback(New Edition)

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Relax, relieve, restore—a beginner's path to healing with restorative yoga

Recovering from an injury, an illness, or just interested in a natural way to relax? Restorative yoga focuses on simple poses in supported positions, encouraging deep relaxation so your mind can enter a peaceful, meditative state.

Dive in with an introduction to the spiritual origins and rejuvenating benefits of restorative yoga. Find the right position to reduce lower back pain, relieve stress, breathe easier, improve your energy, and even prepare your body for childbirth—all with illustrated instructions to get you into and out of each pose safely and comfortably.

Restorative Yoga for Beginners includes:
  • Take it easy—Make restorative yoga a lasting practice with simple suggestions on what to wear and what props you'll need.
  • Strike a pose—Ease into 36 essential restorative yoga poses, including labels with the therapeutic benefits of each—and extend your practice for deeper healing with 20 sequences.
  • Breath of fresh air—Refresh your vital energy (prana) with breathing exercises and meditations designed to improve your digestion, heart rate, and more.

Restorative Yoga for Beginners offers the guidance to begin your yoga practice and bring harmony to your quality of life—one gentle stretch at a time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781646111848
Publisher: Callisto Publishing
Publication date: 12/17/2019
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 180
Sales rank: 273,494
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

JULIA CLARKE is a yoga teacher and former radio DJ from Scotland who lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She holds a master’s degree in Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, and specializes in the healing arts of yoga.

Table of Contents

Introduction x

How to Use This Book xii

Part I All About Restorative Yoga 1

Chapter 1 Restorative Yoga Basics 3

Chapter 2 What to Know Before You Begin 13

Part II Poses and Sequences 23

Chapter 3 Poses: The Basics 25

Basic Relaxation Pose 26

Simple Supported Side Bend 28

Grounding Spinal Twist 30

Spine Lengthening Pose 32

Heart Pose 34

Supported Forward Fold 36

Supported Child's Pose 38

Reclining Butterfly 40

Elevated Legs Up the Wall 42

Chapter 4 Poses: Stress Relief 45

Mountain Brook 46

Supported Open Twist 48

Heart Pose with Butterfly Legs 50

Extended Supported Bridge 52

Supported Straddle Forward Fold 54

Reclining Pigeon 56

Reclining Butterfly with Feet on the Bolster 58

Restorative Frog 60

Legs Up the Wall 62

Chapter 5 Poses: Pain Relief 65

Supported Heart Pose with Legs Over a Bolster 66

Gentle Open Twist 68

Restorative Tree 70

Seated Half Butterfly 72

Seated Butterfly 74

Head to Bolster Pose 76

Supported Pigeon 78

Supported Half Frog 80

Legs Up the Bolster 82

Chapter 6 Other Poses for Healing 85

Pregnant Goddess Pose 86

Side Lying Pose 88

Supported Bridge 90

Reclining Hero Pose 92

Heart Pose with a Chair 94

Chair Forward Fold 96

Single Leg Up the Chair 98

Legs Up the Chair 100

Seated Meditation Pose 102

Chapter 7 Sequences 105

From Effort to Ease 106

A Minimalist's Dream 108

Flow Like a River 110

A Grateful Heart 112

Inward Bound 114

Nourish the Roots 116

Back to Bliss 118

Sciatica S.O.S. 120

Dissolve and Evolve 122

Air Becomes Breath 124

Unwind and Recharge 126

Steady as You Go 128

Let Your Soul Shine 130

Brand New Day 132

Fly Me to the Moon 134

Smooth Cycle 136

Family Style 138

Office Space 140

Mindful Mama 142

Build Your Own Sequence 145

Chapter 8 Breathing and Meditations 147

Balanced Breath 148

Spinal Breath 148

Incremental Breath 149

Sun Breath 149

Moon Breath 150

Body Scan 151

Gratitude Meditation 151

River Meditation 152

Ocean Meditation 152

Loving-Kindness Meditation 153

Resources 154

References 156

Index 158

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