Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic

Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic

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Over the past thirty years we have witnessed a demand for resources such as minerals, oil, and gas, which is only set to increase. This book examines the relationship between Arctic communities and extractive resource development.

With insights from leading thinkers in the field, the book examines this relationship to better understand what, if anything, can be done in order for the development of non-renewable resources to be of benefit to the long-term sustainability of these communities. The contributions synthesize circumpolar research on the topic of resource extraction in the Arctic, and highlight areas that need further investigation, such as the ability of northern communities to properly use current regulatory processes, fiscal arrangements, and benefit agreements to ensure the long-term sustainability of their culture communities and to avoid a new path dependency

This book provides an insightful summary of issues surrounding resource extraction in the Arctic, and will be essential reading for anyone interested in environmental impact assessments, globalization and Indigenous communities, and the future of the Arctic region.

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ISBN-13: 9781351019088
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/04/2018
Series: Routledge Research in Polar Regions
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
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About the Author

Chris Southcott is the Principal Investigator for the Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) research project as well as Theme Coordinator for the Sustainable Communities research work. He is a Professor of Sociology at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Frances Abele is the ReSDA Theme Coordinator for the Sustainable Regions research and is a Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration and Academic Director of the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, both at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

David Natcher is the ReSDA Theme Coordinator for the Sustainable Cultures research and is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Brenda Parlee is the ReSDA Theme Coordinator for the Sustainable Environments research and currently Associate Professor and a Canada Research Chair in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta, Canada.



Table of Contents

1 Introduction (Chris Southcott, Frances Abele, Dave Natcher, and Brenda Parlee) 2 The History and Historiography of Natural Resource Development in the Arctic: The State of the Literature (Ken Coates) 3 Social Impacts of Non-Renewable Resource Development on Indigenous communities in Alaska, Greenland, and Russia (Peter Schweitzer, Florian Stammler, Cecilie Ebsen, Aytalina Ivanova, and Irina Litvina) 4 Northern Environmental Assessment: A Gap Analysis and Research (Bram Noble, Kevin Hanna, and Jill Gunn) 5 From Narrative to Evidence: Socio-Economic Impacts of Mining in Northern Canada (Thierry Rodon and Francis Lévesque) 6 Measuring Impacts: A Review of Frameworks, Methodologies and Indicators for Assessing Socio-Economic Impacts of Resource Activity in the Arctic (Andrey N. Petrov, Jessica Graybill, Matthew Berman, Philip Cavin, Vera Kuklina, Rasmus Ole Rasmussen and Matthew Cooney) 7 Resource Development and Well-being in Northern (Brenda Parlee) 8 Resource Revenue Regimes around the Circumpolar North: A Gap Analysis (Lee Huskey and Chris Southcott) 9 Regional Development in the Circumpolar North: What else do we need to know? (Frances Abele) 10 Knowledge, Sustainability and the Environmental Legacies of Resource Development in Northern Canada (Arn Keeling, John Sandlos, Jean-Sébastien Boutet, and Hereward Longley) 11 Impact Benefit Agreements and Northern Resource Governance: What we know and what we still need to figure out (Ben Bradshaw, Courtney Fidler and Adam Wright) 12 Normalizing Aboriginal Subsistence Economies in the Canadian North (David Natcher) 13 Traditional Knowledge and Resource Development (Henry Huntington) 14 Gender in Research on Northern Resource Development (Suzanne Mills, Martha Dowsley and David Cox) 15 Resource Development and Climate Change: A Gap Analysis (Chris Southcott) 16 How Can Extractive Industry Help Rather than Hurt Arctic Communities? (Chris Southcott, Frances Abele, Dave Natcher, and Brenda Parlee)

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