The Reluctant Superstar

The Reluctant Superstar

by Robert L Boyer


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A young man, who went by the name of Jay Cee, lived in a small town in Pennsylvania. He worked as a carpenter's helper at a job that paid less than a dollar an hour above minimum wage. Teaching Sunday school was a passion of his. He arrived in Detroit one day to attend a four-day religious retreat along with 20,000 other Christian believers from several mid-western states. Due to an incredible set of circumstances, he found himself at the Detroit Lions training facility in Allen Park, Michigan, a nearby suburb of Detroit.
In an even more bizarre twist of fate, he found himself practicing with the Detroit Lions football team at the position of quarterback. He dazzled everyone on the field, especially the head coach. His pinpoint passing, his ball handling, and his elusiveness in the pocket were nothing short of amazing! However, he had absolutely no desire to play professional football. He was very satisfied living and working in that small town, and teaching Sunday school there. No amount of money offered to him could make him change his mind.
One evening, Jay Cee attended a class at the retreat during which the instructor told them, "God wants us to live up to our potential by using the talents He has given us. Sometimes, we have to step outside of our comfort zones before we can recognize what those talents are." That made him realize that perhaps living in a small town and working for minimum wage was not his destiny; maybe it was time for him to broaden his horizons.

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