Received or. D E C E I V E D: Examine Yourselves. 2 Corinthians 13:5

Received or. D E C E I V E D: Examine Yourselves. 2 Corinthians 13:5

by Ellen E England


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"I have never seen what to me seemed an atom of truth that there is a future life.and yet. I am strongly inclined to expect one." Mark Twain The largest lie Satan sells in his realm of deceit is his very existence, or lack thereof. Nothing indicates annihilation upon death. Those who believe they don't care what happens to them after they die may want to investigate further and reassess their thinking. All of God's plan is based on eternity. Eternity past, eternity present, eternity future. History is the revelation of eternity past. Man is in eternity present while here on earth. Everyone will enter eternity future immediately after their last breath. Everyone gets one chance to prepare for their final destination and that is from birth to death. Doing great "good works," no matter how moral or determined, is not going to get one into the Kingdom of Heaven, or worse yet, keep one out of the depths of hell. Being a "good person," the descendant of "good people," proper church attendance, or hopefully the scales will balance out in the end, will not open heaven's door. Today, many are deceived believing they are heaven bound for the hereafter while hell-bent in the here and now. Many preach "God loves you," indicating "no matter what," when in actuality God has given civil and moral instructions for how we are to live peacefully with Him and each other. There is a day of accountability coming when "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess" called Judgment Day. God did not provide many ways for man to be "received." He provided and designated one way and one Person - Himself, in flesh form, in the Person of Jesus Christ. Pride, arrogance and deception keep people from accepting this Sacrifice. Because one chooses not to believe this makes it no less truth and fact. One will, one day, indeed be received into the Kingdom of Heaven or deceived into the depths of hell. This is written to those who believe they have been received when in actuality may very likely be deceived. EXAMINE YOURSELVES 2 Corinthians 13:5 How does the visible church today present Christ to a lost world, when today's "churches" and/or "church members" are contributors to that lost and dying world? On Judgment Day "religious" talk will not work. Obedience is the criteria by which man will gain entrance into or be rejected from the Kingdom of Heaven. With true salvation comes a personal and obedient relationship with Jesus Christ.

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