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Rangers, Trappers, and Trailblazers: Early Adventures in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park

Rangers, Trappers, and Trailblazers: Early Adventures in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park

by John Fraley


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ISBN-13: 9781560377320
Publisher: Farcountry Press
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 339,946
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v

Chapter 1 Digging up History 1

Chapter 2 Chick Grimsley's Tough Trip 5

Cowboy Chick Grimsley was the first pioneer and outfitter in the upper Middle Fork

Chapter 3 Nyack Train Wreck Mystery 23

In 1901, two trains collided and dozens died at a remote siding between Glacier National Park and the Great Bear Wilderness

Chapter 4 Lost Paola Ranger Station 39

Renowned ranger Clyde Fauley patrols the remote side of the Middle Fork in early Glacier National Park

Chapter 5 Schafer Meadows Winter 61

Two trappers spend a frigid winter alone in the heart of the Middle Fork

Chapter 6 Slim and the Griz 81

Arthur Edward Meyer (aka Slim Link) meets his maker while trapping in Kishenehn Creek within Glacier National Park

Chapter 11 Unlucky Trappers 99

A Japanese trapper disappears in China Basin in the upper North Fork and other trappers have a run of bad luck

Chapter 8 Backcountry Coal and Old-timer Tales 117

Big seams of coal spurred early travel into the North Fork of the Flathead, and old-timers tell tales of a mysterious disappearance and a curious trap

Chapter 9 Killing Billy Kruse: Shootout in the Upper North Fork 139

Billy Kruse is gunned down in a "justifiable homicide" near Mud Lake

Chapter 10 The Mystery of Baptiste 155

Enigmatic prospector and trapper Baptiste Joyal may have been the first Euro-American in the South Fork

Chapter 11 The Ranger's Ranger 167

No one could outwalk or out-tough old-time wilderness ranger Henry Thol in the South Fork backcountry

Chapter 12 A Tangle with the Alpha Grizzly 193

Old-time ranger Jalmer Wirkkala tangles with a legendary griz and a packrat in what is now the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Chapter 13 Flagship Ranger District 207

The Big Prairie Ranger District has anchored the Bob through a century of public service

Chapter 14 Little Salmon Plane Crash 249

Three elk hunters found a lost plane in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and solved a mystery

Chapter 15 Gems of Discovery 265

The people behind the stories

Index 271

About the Author 280

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