RAF Harrier Ground Attack: Falklands

RAF Harrier Ground Attack: Falklands

by Jerry Pook

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An “interesting and highly informative personal memoir . . . a much-needed addition to the body of work covering the air war over the Falklands.”—IPMS/USA
During the Falklands War, Jerry Pook, a pilot in No. 1(F) Squadron RAF, flew air interdiction, armed reccon, close-air-support and airfield attack as well as pure photo-reccon missions. Most weapons were delivered from extreme low-level attacks because of the lack of navigation aids and in the absence of Smart weapons. The only way he could achieve results was to get low down and close-in to the targets and, if necessary, carry out re-attacks to destroy high-value targets.
Apart from brief carrier trials carried out many years previously, there had been no RAF Harriers deployed at sea. The RAF pilots were treated with ill-disguised contempt by their naval masters, their professional opinions ignored in spite of the fact that the RN knew next to nothing about ground-attack and reccon operations. Very soon after starting operations from the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, the squadron realized that they were considered as more or less expendable ordnance.
The Harriers lacked the most basic self-protection aids and were up against 10,000 well-armed troops who put up an impressive weight of fire whenever attacked.
“Prior to this book, very little had been written in detail describing the RAF Harrier GR3 operations during the 1982 Falklands War. This book fills that void very well, providing a wealth of detail in describing the lead up, deployment and day-to-day combat operations of the small contingent of Royal Air Force attack Harriers.”—IPMS/USA

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ISBN-13: 9781783031573
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Limited
Publication date: 06/15/2008
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
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About the Author

Jerry Pook is an author and a historian.

Table of Contents

Author's Preface vii

Acknowledgements xi

Foreword xii

1 In at the Deep End 1

2 Ascension 20

3 A South Atlantic Cruise 26

4 Hermes 35

5 First Operation - Fox Bay 49

6 Invasion - 21 May 56

7 Four-ship Attack on Goose Green 66

8 Sea Harrier Night Raid 71

9 The Counter Air Programme 74

10 Blue on Blue 82

11 Exocet Attack 86

12 Routine Operations 89

13 En-route Tactics 99

14 Goose Green FAC Shambles 107

15 Dusk Strike at Goose Green 113

16 My Luck Runs out 121

17 More Navy Cockups 128

18 Bad Weather Sets in 134

19 Yet More Navy Cockups 138

20 A Crash on the Strip 144

21 SAM Kill 151

22 LGBS on Target 159

23 Endex - 14 June 162

24 Dry Land at Last 165

25 Jeff Comes Back 171

26 1(F) Squadron Returns to the Falklands 173

27 Afterthoughts 177

Letter to Wing Commander Neal 182

Conclusions 183

Appendix 1 Harrier GR3 Technical Details 185

Appendix 2 Single-seat Low Flying 186

Appendix 3 Fighter Ground Attack Weapons 190

Appendix 4 Bombing Techniques 192

Appendix 5 Rocket Firing Techniques 197

Appendix 6 Strafing Techniques 199

Appendix 7 Forward Air Control Techniques 201

Appendix 8 Air Combat 204

Appendix 9 Maps 207

Notes 213

Index 217

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