Quiet Thoughts: Written Reflections

Quiet Thoughts: Written Reflections

by Roger R. Coyle


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In Quiet Thoughts: Written Reflections you will accompany me through reflections on life, remembrances, relationships, and finally, letting go. Read it with your mind, listen with your heart, and feel it in your being. Quiet Thoughts may be a compilation of my own ongoing life journey, but my hope is that these reflections will touch your spirit, open the door for dialogue, and ignite in you a renewed journey of your own.

Everyone who enters our lives is there for a reason. Every event that occurs in our lives has a purpose. How we react, how we interpret, and what we learn from these experiences is what matters. Life is a journey, a continuous learning experience for all of us.

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ISBN-13: 9781452598734
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/12/2014
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.19(d)

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Quiet Thoughts

Written Reflections

By Roger R. Coyle

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Roger R. Coyle
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9873-4


My Dedication Reflections

Quiet Thoughts

Written on paper
Engraved on the mind
Felt in the soul
Held in the heart

My Dedication Reflections

Quiet thoughts and reflections for those to whom this book is dedicated.

A Child's Mother

for my Mother, Rosalie

Sharing her love
That is always there,
Waiting to be accepted

Before Your Time

for Elissa Elizabeth

Born too early,
Or maybe planned.
To teach us lessons
In faith and love.
A short time with us
But left your mark.
Your spirit fulfilled.
You changed us all.

Little Girl Strong

for Alexandra Rose

Adversity and challenges
You conquer.
Strength and determination
You teach.
Faith and convictions
You strengthen.
Spirit and hope
You share.
Little girl strong
You are.

Little Girl Happy

for Charlotte Irene

Happiness radiates
From your being,
Ever smiling,
Even laughing.
Locking eyes
With a stare.
Blue eyes shining,
Letting us know
There's more to share.

For You

for friends and family

May your life be filled with peace
And happiness beyond your dreams.
May you reach your higher being,
Living who you are meant to be.
May you find true love and happiness
With someone as loving as you.
May you always be true to yourself
In all that you say and do.
You are a child of a loving God
And a true friend to me.


Reflections on Life

Reflections on Life

Quiet thoughts and reflections from my journey.


In the stillness of the night
Or the bustle of the day,
All inhibitions gone,
No doubts to impede.
All goals are achieved,
All desires fulfilled,
All prayers answered,
In the quiet of your mind,
In the peace of your soul.


Arise again
New beginnings
The past is gone
Only a memory.


Begin again
Open new doors
Let go of the past
Reclaim your "you".

A Summer's Rain

Gently cascading,
Cleansing the air,
Nourishing the earth.
A metaphor,
Releasing it all,
Cleansing the spirit.
Personal growth.


Pre-dawn hour
Crickets chirping
Birds beginning to stir
Alone with my thoughts
At peace with myself
Listening to my soul.

Grace Filled

A gift from God,
Waiting for us
To fill our souls,
Enhance our being,
Enable our love,
To be born again
Into His likeness.

I Am

More than my parts,
Less than perfect,
A spiritual being
An open book.
I am me.

Who I Am

A child of God,
Created in His image.
A singular being
United with all.
I hurt,
I laugh,
All from the heart.
No apologies
For who I am.
No excuses
For who I am.
I am who
I was made to be.


Alone with my thoughts
Deep inside my soul,
Listening to life.
Remembering the what if
I did that, went there,
Listened to the messages,
Learned from the lessons.
Reflecting on what is to come
My path in life,
My goals and dreams,
Living in my higher self,
Sharing who I am,
Giving and caring.
A heart filled with forgiveness.
A heart full of love.

Spirit Guide

You came to me in a reading,
Cloaked as a monk.
I'd forgotten you for some reason,
Letting life get in the way.
I found again the reminder
That with me you will stay,
Teaching me to be patient
And still within my life,
Allowing for the healing
To set my spirit free.
My life has taken a new path,
A way I never planned.
Surrendering again, I am learning,
Your presence ever felt.

The Journey

Doors began to open,
Allowing me to see
For the first time ever
Who I was born to be.

Windows allowed the light in,
Seeking to brighten my soul.
The journey was just beginning,
Setting new paths and goals.

The energy session was working,
Allowing me to see
The truth and love surrounding
And waiting just for me.

If I allow myself to linger
Inside the depth of my being,
My questions will be answered
In the journey of my soul.


From Light into ...

From Light into ...

Quiet thoughts and reflections on the journey of relationships.


Bound together
Layers deep
Loyalty always
Trust without doubt
Unconditional love

The Beginning

You entered my life
Out of the blue.
You took my heart
Away with you.

Today you came
With flowers in hand.
My heart skipped a beat
To the sound of a band.

I wanted you here
To hold me so.
You wanted to stay
But had to go.

Tomorrow will come.
Today will pass.
The future is bright,
And so it will last.


Box steps

Felt in the Soul

First touch
A shake of the hand
Felt in the soul.
Eyes locked
Words not needed
Felt in the soul.
Meaningful greetings
Laughter always
Felt in the soul.
Altered actions
Nothing left
Felt in the soul.

Souls Touched

Souls touched
But not ignited.
Love desired
But not inflamed.
Time to heal.
Let go.


Electric handshake
Consuming laughter
Locked eyes
Endless time
Soul connection
Continued growth
If only.

To Contemplate

You left today to go away
By your self to contemplate.

Sort things through and weigh the risk,
Find your path through the mist.

You take one step on every day
To reach a goal and find your way.

Passions flare and hearts take flight.
Nothing's spared for all that's right.

Take a look inside your heart,
And trust in love that wants its start.


Emotional highs
Epic lows
Tangled feelings
Jangled nerves
Wounded heart
Deep thoughts
Still caring.

Love Desired

Immediate connection
Walls lowered
Playful flirtations
Building but cautious
Events happen
Life intervenes
Everything changes
Walls rebuilt
Life goes on.

Love's Dance

I knew from the very beginning
That our love was meant to be.
The anguished wait is over,
It had been a long delay.

We've both been hurt in life before,
Afraid to take the step.
Let our hearts do the speaking for us
And the doubts begin their sleep.

We now have a chance at happiness,
As long as we both believe
In the beauty of our togetherness
That was always ours to be.

As we start our new life together,
Waiting won't stand a chance
As long as we both remember
That love is truly a dance.

Forever Friend

When times get tough
And you are down,
I will always be your friend.

If doubts and fears
Overtake your heart,
I will always be your friend.

In happiness and joy,
Sadness or pain,
I will always be your friend.

When you reach for the sky
And find success,
I will always be your friend.

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
I will always be your friend.


In Remembrance

In Remembrance

Quiet thoughts and reflections on those who have started their new journey.

Spirit Held

in memory of friends and family

Thoughts and words
Times and actions
Love and prayers
Safe and free,

Birth Dates

in memory of friends and family

Always remembered,
Never forgotten,
Recorded in history,
Written for posterity.
For those who are living,
We celebrate and congratulate.
For those who have died,
We pray, reflect, and cherish,
For now they have two.
Rebirth in the Father
Recorded in history,
Written for posterity,
Always remembered,
Never forgotten.

Loss of a Friend

in memory of friends

People come into our lives
To teach, guide,
inspire and love.
They share with us
Their uniqueness,
wisdom and spirit.

Their journey fulfilled
They leave us too soon.
Our lives enriched
By their touch on our soul.

Forever here they will remain
Honored and cherished,
Held in our hearts.

Hope Continues

in memory of a dog named Hope - 8/18/2014

A piece of my heart you took
Along with you today.
A new door has opened,
Your time with me has passed.
Forever in my memory
Your love will always stay,
Until we meet again
To continue on our way.

Lady Windsor

in memory of Winnie - 11/26/2004

You chose me
To take you in,
Broken and abused,
Scared and hurt.
Years of growth
With some Cujo moments,
A couch potato
You had to become.
I shared your home,
Which used to be mine,
With unconditional love
Both given and received.
My rescued greyhound.
My best friend.


Letting Go

Letting go

Quiet thoughts and reflections on letting go and letting God.

Birthday Keys

Birthdays remembered
Celebrate dates of birth.
The Giving Key presented
Celebrates a new birth.
"Let go - let God"
Celebrates life's breath.

Let Go, Let God

Living faith within you,
Living hope beside you,
Living love around you,
Breath of new life.

Life's Journey

Alone we enter.
A soul
Searching, learning,
Meeting, teaching,
Loving, sharing,
Caring, giving.
Alone no more.
Joined and fulfilled.

Once Was - Now Is

We may have been
Mother, father,
Brother, sister,
Wife, husband,
Lover, friend.
Soul deep.
Whatever was,


Letting go of emotions,
Words, and actions,
Past, and present.

Embedded in your heart,
Your mind,
Your soul.

Forgiveness of self
Begins anew
Forgiveness of others.


Given by God,
Conceived at birth,
Engraved in our nature,
Etched in our soul.
Dormant until recognized,
Realized when nurtured,
Fulfilled when shared.

Prayer of Thanks and Surrender

Thank you for all you give and do,
Your presence every day,
For walking beside me, sometimes carrying,
Always forgiving,
But most of all for not giving up on me.
Teach me to have deeper faith,
To love without expectation,
To live without judgment,
To let go and let you.
All I am and all I have are yours
To do with what you will.


Excerpted from Quiet Thoughts by Roger R. Coyle. Copyright © 2014 Roger R. Coyle. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Foreword, xiii,
Preface, xv,
Chapter 1 My Dedication Reflections,
Chapter 2 Reflections on Life,
Chapter 3 From Light into ...,
Chapter 4 In Remembrance,
Chapter 5 Letting go,
Endorsements, 59,

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