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Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource (Edition 2009)

Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource (Edition 2009)


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Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource, Edition 2009 is the updated version of the 2008 Edition. It is a set of resource tools containing information about all aspects of Psychology around the world. Every year, new material is added to the CD-ROM and existing sections updated and/or expanded.

It is an integral part of an institutional subscription to the International Journal of Psychology and is dispatched annually. It is also available for separate purchase.

The creation of a continuously updated and expanded Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource CD-ROM helps fulfill a key responsibility of the International Union of Psychological Science, that of advancing psychology as an international discipline and ensuring that information about the profession and psychological knowledge are widely disseminated.

Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource, Edition 2009 is organized as separate information files and databases, which are searchable using integrated software on a PC running Microsoft Windows.

New additions for the 2009 edition include:

Addition of Athens 2006 data to ICAPindex; Four papers from ICP Berlin 2008 Symposium to Ethics; International Collaborations in Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (NAS Report, 2008) to Policy Briefings.

Substantially updated sections include:

Directory of Major Institutions for Psychological Research and Training; Psychology Throughout the World: A Descriptive Tour and National Contacts; International Psychology Information Clearinghouse (APA Division 52); Directory of International Associations in Psychology; History of Psychology Timeline; Reviews of Books Relevant to International Psychology; Full text of the History of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) now includes new chapter bringing this up to the present day.

ALSO includes:

Full text of Proceedings of International Congresses of Psychology (1992–2000); Abstracts of International Congresses of Psychology (1992–2004) and a link page to the full text of the ICP Berlin 2008 Abstracts; Annotated Bibliography for Internationalizing the Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum and main Bibliography; Human Capital Initiative.

Publisher note: This is the final IUPsyS Global Resource CD-ROM produced by Psychology Press. Updated resources can now be accessed for free at the IUPsyS’s website Psychology Resources Around the World:

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