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Progress and Poverty

Progress and Poverty

by Henry George


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First published in 1879, “Progress and Poverty” is the ground-breaking treatise on the relationship between industrialization and poverty by Henry George, the American social theorist and economist. A huge commercial success when it was published and one of the best-selling books in America in the late 19th century, George’s work had a profound influence on economists, politicians, and social reformers all over the world. In “Progress and Poverty”, George attempted to understand why the technical and economic progress of the Industrial Age was so often accompanied by increases in poverty and human suffering. These “boom and bust” cycles in the economy had devastating impacts on countless numbers of people and George sought to find better solutions to these pressing problems. The solution that he proposed was radical at the time: a tax on land so that the value of private property could protect the most vulnerable from the fluctuations in the larger economy. Many of his ideas were instrumental to a new progressive social movement and have been adopted by several countries in the century since his work was first published. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper.

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ISBN-13: 9781420968880
Publisher: Neeland Media
Publication date: 05/27/2020
Pages: 350
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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition of "Progress And Poverty" 5

Preface to Fourth Edition 7

Introductory The Problem 10

Book I Wages and Capital 16

Chapter I The Current Doctrine of Wages-Its Insufficiency 16

Chapter II The Meaning of the Terms 21

Chapter III Wages Not Drawn from Capital, but Produced by the Labor 29

Chapter IV The Maintenance of Laborers Not Drawn from Capital 39

Chapter V The Real Functions of Capital 43

Book II Population and Subsistence 47

Chapter I The Malthusian Theory, Its Genesis and Support 47

Chapter II Inferences from Facts 52

Chapter III Inferences from Analogy 63

Chapter IV Disproof of the Malthusian Theory 68

Book III The Laws of Distribution 73

Chapter I The Inquiry Narrowed to the Laws of Distribution-Necessary Relation of These Laws 73

Chapter II Rent and the Law of Rent 78

Chapter III Of Interest and the Cause of Interest 82

Chapter IV Of Spurious Capital and of Profits Often Mistaken for Interest 89

Chapter V The Law of Interest 91

Chapter VI Wages and the Law of Wages 95

Chapter VII The Correlation and Co-ordination of These Laws 101

Chapter VIII The Statics of the Problem Thus Explained 102

Book IV Effect of Material Progress Upon the Distribution of Wealth 105

Chapter I The Dynamics of the Problem Yet to Seek 105

Chapter II The Effect of Increase of Population Upon the Distribution of Wealth 106

Chapter III The Effect of Improvements in the Arts upon the Distribution of Wealth 112

Chapter IV Effect of the Expectation Raised by Material Progress 117

Book V The Problem Solved 121

Chapter I The Primary Cause of Recurring Paroxysms of Industrial Depression 121

Chapter II The Persistence of Poverty Amid Advancing Wealth 129

Book VI The Remedy 137

Chapter I Insufficiency of Remedies Currently Advocated 137

Chapter II The True Remedy 150

Book VII Justice of The Remedy 152

Chapter I The Injustice of Private Property in Land 152

Chapter II The Enslavement of Laborers the Ultimate Result of Private Property in Land 158

Chapter III Claim of Land Owners to Compensation 163

Chapter IV Property in Land Historically Considered 167

Chapter V Of Property in Land in the United States 174

Book VIII Application of the Remedy 180

Chapter I Private Property in Land Inconsistent with the Best Use of Land 180

Chapter II How Equal Rights to the Land May Be Asserted and Secured 182

Chapter III The Proposition Tried by the Canons of Taxation 185

Chapter IV Indorsements and Objections 191

Book IX Effects of the Remedy 195

Chapter I Of the Effect Upon the Production of Wealth 195

Chapter II Of the Effect Upon Distribution and Thence Upon Production 198

Chapter III Of the Effect Upon Individuals and Classes 201

Chapter IV Of the Changes That Would Be Wrought in Social Organization and Social Life 204

Book X The Law of Human Progress 213

Chapter I The Current Theory of Human Progress-Its Insufficiency 213

Chapter II Differences in Civilisation-To What Due 219

Chapter III The Law of Human Progress 226

Chapter IV How Modern Civilization May Decline 235

Chapter V The Central Truth 243

Conclusion. The Problem of Individual Life 248

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