by David Eastwood
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Speaking English

Did you ever want a job but you didn't think you knew enough of the language?
I've developed a program that can help you speak English while you also learn math. How does it work?

Go to the website and download the course of study for you. Don't know which one?
We've put a quick quiz on the front of the website. That will help you know where to start.

Once you know where to start, you'll listen while Mr G and Caveman learn the simplified lessons.
Next, find the lesson in the workbook and go through the questions. You will need a friend, family, or classmate to go through the questions as you enunciate the math answers.
Finally, finish the problems on the back and go through the questions for the second time. It's that easy!!!
You will be learning math as well learning the English that you so desperately need to make that job.

Prealgebra starts the good stuff of math. You get to learn
Decimals and my favorite, Fractions. There are a few places you might want to skip, but at least try them. Then comes
Percent and beginning Algebra.

I started writing Fractions before anything else (including
Add Subtract etc). I used it with my classes in Aurora, CO and it began the story of my writing about math.

I hope you like it as much as much as I did.

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