Poems to Ponder on the Road to Life

Poems to Ponder on the Road to Life

by Bruce K. Avenell


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Do your horizons limit your dreams-or do your dreams expand your horizons? The poems included in Poems to Ponder on The Road to Life reveal personal experiences in expanding horizons as one learns how to travel on The Road TO Life. Poetic allusions spark the spirit's curiosity to seek out the technique buried within the prose. Some of the poems are original while others were dictated from beings who have traversed The Road TO Life; a journey of the soul.

Through all the dreams and apparent realities there is a way; a path when you find it; a road when you start to explore it; and a highway when you learn to travel upon it. It is a labyrinth of progressions that teach you how to manage the energy of divine life. You must learn how to hold the velocity, energy, and magic of that level of life in your own being.

The poetry in the collection is about some of the author's experiences, observations, and conclusions as he journeyed back along The Road TO Life.

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ISBN-13: 9781491720240
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/28/2014
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Poems To Ponder on The Road TO Life

By Bruce K. Avenell

iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Bruce K. Avenell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-2024-0


Far ... Far ... Away

Far beyond the temporal mold,
A rare communion I do hold
That scatters all my earthly fears.
... LOST ...
In the music of the spheres.

??? ... lost ... ???
If you wish to find
Your own true self
!!! ... listen ... !!!
Within the music of the spheres,
And in the secret parts of why,
There is a Way.
!!! ... listen ... !!!

The Vital Essence

I asked my Lord for eagles' wings
To ply the burning blue.
"You are a bird," The Great Light said,
"Fly home my love, please do."

I asked the Lord to take my hand
And lead me to his side.
"My song is ever in thy ear.
No hand can reach inside."

I asked the Lord my soul to keep
As dark clouds threatened near.
"The song I sing will keep you safe.
Just listen and you'll hear."

I asked the Lord to think of me
When I am far away.
"There is no near or far at all,"
Was all that He would say.

I asked the Lord that I might live
Contented, free from strife.
"You cannot die my child," He said.
"I've yet to give thee life."

I asked the Lord to bring the light
That drives away all fear.
"You are my unborn child," He said,
"To me, so very dear."

I asked the Lord that I might sit,
Forever by his side.
"You and I were ever one.
From thee I cannot hide."

I asked the Lord to move the clouds
That hide the Silver Sky.
"You made the clouds," He smiled and said.
"Remove them from your eye."

I asked my Lord for eagles wings
To fly into the sun.
"Come home my love, come home," He said.
And now the deed is done.

I asked my Lord to tell me where
The universe had gone?
"While you are free from it," He said,
"The womb goes on and on."

!!! Daylight !!!

On the Road TO Life.

The paling sky calls me from sleep.
My being thrills in the growing lights.
As day proclaims its mastery of night,
Another day in which to be alive.

Driving darkness relentlessly before it,
Precious daylight marches on.
Commanding fully half the globe,
The morning sun is rising.

But, when this and that and all,
And all, are fully written down,
Our light of life is only just a star.
There are a lot of those around.

Then, when darkness comes,
And claims again the sky,
The stars whisper in their sight,
"There are other ways, other days."

Other precious ways to be alive
In the fragile daylight of a star.
To be awake and conscious,
Involves both near and far.

Other stars conceive other days,
Other precious ways to be alive.
The universe knows many days
And dreams in many nights.

From out amongst the distant stars
Where night seems all prevailing,
Another darkness wanes to brilliant dawn,
The Silver Stars are rising.

Blind and Asleep

On The Road to Life

Plato wrote all men are blind.
As I read his words
I laughed with glee,
For he wrote them down
For all to see.

As my days and years passed,
His words haunted me.
What was that world like
Where all men are blind,
The world that Plato could see?

The morning sun calls awake,
Awake into yet another day.
Is there a light beyond this star,
A day beyond this veil of days,
The world Plato could see?

The ringing sound calls awake,
Awake into a higher, finer day.
Asleep in their dream, few listen
To the song that would set them free.
Lost and alone on The Road to life.

The first step
On The Road to Life
Is to learn how to be awake
Beyond the dream.
!!! Listen. !!!

Waking Up

Asleep in a dream,
I dreamt I could not awake
Until I understood
How it was done.

Awake from the dream,
And fearful of forgetting again,
I carefully reviewed
The awakening process.

And then to my great surprise,
I awoke, yet again,
Into a much more splendid day.

Waking Up Again

Caught in a dream,
I had to force
My way back
To waking consciousness.

Carefully reviewing how
I had brought myself awake,
I awoke, yet again,
Into a brighter day.

That could only happen once,
Once in a lifetime I thought.
But I tried it once again,
And then again and again.

Each time I awoke,
As though from a dream,
To a brighter sweeter day,
More real and alive than before.

Don't dream the dreams
The vendors sell.
Dare to dream the dreams
Your song would tell.

It knows the way to life,
So very, very well.

Within the Dream of Life

The momentums of my life,
Pushed and pulled,
Opposed then accelerated,
Pushed left then right,
Some days up,
Some days down,
Some days there was nothing,
Nothing there at all.

I thought of giving up.
There seemed to be no sense,
No rhyme or reason,
To live a life at all.

In my search for a way to live,
I read of a man
Who dreamt he was a butterfly.
Upon waking he wondered,
Was he a man who dreamt
He was a butterfly
Or was he a butterfly
Dreaming he was a man?

From this I realized
I was living within a dream,
Not a very good dream at that,
But one of my own making.

* * *

There are many dreams of life to dream
And many dreams of life to follow.
But they only work,
They only go someplace,
When you learn to dream
Your own dreams of life
According to Creation's rules.
Finding wisdom one soon learns
Creation's laws define reality.
All else is just a wandering dream.

The First Lesson

The first lesson you must learn
On The Road TO Life
Is how to be awake.

The most important lesson you can learn
On The Road to Life
Is how to be awake.

Learn how to be awake in this day
And you can learn how to be awake
In the brighter DAYLIGHT of reality.

As all creation knows,
The SILVER STARS are rising.


!!! Listen !!!

Dreams of Morning

I only dreamed to stand in ranks,
A soldier in His corps.
He came and touched my mind with light
And said, "You can be more."

I only dreamed to speak His song,
A note and nothing more.
He came and touched my spine with light
And said, "You can be more."

I only dreamed to stand up straight,
A singer of His song.
He came and touched my spirit with light
And said, "You can be more."

I only dreamed to be a light,
A beacon on His path.
He came and touched my soul with light
And said, "You can be more."

I only dreamed to face the night,
As a light in the gathering dawn.
He came and touched my being with light
And said, "You can be more."

You too can hear the Inner Song,
The ringing in your ear.
Know then, He has touched your life with light
And know – you can be more.


In the enchanting music of truth,
In the ringing songs of life,
There is a way to know God,
As the stars know God.
Higher up and farther in,
To the music of the spheres,
There is a way to know Deity,
As the galaxies know the Divine.
Still the divine music builds
And higher still there is a way
To know the Creator in the way,
The Silver Stars know their Maker.
The music still lifts you up
As you find within you the way,
To know the Master Creator,
As the universes know,
Their maker and themselves,
On The Road TO life.
Still on The Road TO Life,
In those realms beyond

The universes' high domain,
There is a way to know
Who YO U really are.
And that, ... in truth,
Is the real beginning.


Beyond the dreams
This life offers,
Another darkness wanes to dawn.

Beyond the dreams
This life has offered,
Another day comes marching.

Beyond the dreams
You were told to dream,
The SILVER STARS are rising.

Beyond your dreams
SEIZE this day.
The SILVER STARS are rising.

Beyond your dreams
SEIZE this day,
This day in the newest dawn.

All creation knows
The SILVER STARS are rising.

Colorado Morning

The morning sun touched the mountain tops,
Bright against a cloudy sky.
In the beauty of that moment,
I saw the clouds as mountains in the sky.

The beauty of that moment, mountains in the sky
Thrilled my imagination.
As I watched the mountains in the sky,
I saw there were Dragons passing by.

Sunlit mountains standing in the sky
With dragons swiftly passing by.
Oh how I wished that I could fly
With the Dragons in the sky.

Called from where I wonder why,
Going perhaps, beyond the sky?
Mountains standing in the sunlit sky
With Dragons swiftly passing by.

All my wisdom I would gladly pay,
To be that way someday,
With the Dragons passing by,
Against the mountains in the sky.

Mountains in the sky,
Dragons passing by,
And I.

The Magic Woods

Alone and lonely I wandered
In a quiet woods
Looking for a path to follow.
Someplace, it seemed far off,
I thought I could hear
Someone sadly crying.
With no path to follow,
I walked toward the sound
Of someone crying.
I was so lonely.
I was near to crying too.
In a quiet glade,
I found a Dragon sobbing.
"Dragon, why are you crying so?"
He looked at me
Through tear filled eyes.
"In all this empty world,
I have no friend at all,"
He said.
"Oh Dragon, I would be so happy
To be your friend."

His joy exploded,
Almost upsetting me.

"Yes, I would really, really,
Love to be your friend."
His joy flooded my heart
With love until it almost burst.
The quiet woods was suddenly alive
With butterflies, and honeybees,
And bunny rabbits too.
We danced about the glade
As new found friends are apt to do,
The Dragon and I,
And the bunny rabbits too.
Exhausted from the joy of dancing,
I lay on the cool sweet grass.
The Dragon lay down beside me.
"Why do you wander in these woods?"
He asked, still breathing hard
From dancing so.

"I'm looking for a path to follow,
A path that goes somewhere."
"There is a path to follow
From here," the Dragon said.
"Where does it start?"
Looking about, I could find no way.
"Right there at your feet,"
Said my new found friend.
Sure enough, at my feet,
I could see a faint trail
Leading off toward
An opening in the trees.
As I followed the faint trail,
It became ever easier to see.
The trail became a track.
The track became a path.
The path became a road.
My Dragon following with me,
"What road are we on?"
I wondered out loud.

Presently, we come to a sign
With an arrow pointing
Along the way
We were going.
In bold letters the sign said,
"The Road TO Life."
"But I thought I was alive,"
I said somewhat taken aback.
"There is much more to life,
Than one can imagine here,"
The Dragon said as we moved on.
A while later I thought,
"I wonder where this road goes."
Again a little farther on,
There was a sign beside the road.
An arrow pointed to the direction
We were going.
"To love, laughter, magic, joy,
And the great happiness,"
The sign read.

Presently, we came to a rise
And could see far ahead.
The road stretched off
To the far horizon.
There far off before us
The sky glowed in silver light
As though, another day was coming.
"It's a very long way to go,"
I said surveying the distance.
A flock of birds flew by
Seeming to follow the road.
"I wish I could fly," I said.
"I can fly," the Dragon offered,
"Climb on my back."
And we flew off
Following the birds.
Flying above the road
There was much more to see.
In the far distance
A new day was coming.

A Silver Star was rising,
To a new morning, ... on,
The Road to Life.
In joy we flew
Towards the new dawn
And the great happiness,
My Dragon and I
The Road TO Life.

The Dragon on the Road

Along the path I took that day,
A Dragon lay
And blocked my way.
Unafraid I faced him,
Eye to blazing eye.
Thus impressed he told me
All the secret parts of why,
Of you and me,
And why we be,
As life goes speeding, SPEEDING by.
In the magic
Of that moment,
As I faced him
Eye to blazing eye,
He told me
In the secret parts of why,
"If there is no magic,
No joy in your life,
Then there is no Dragon
In your life."

Across the adventures of my years,
I've learned to tell,
It is only my Dragon,
Who knows me well.

In the Secret Parts of Why

Another path,
Another day,
And again I found
The Dragon blocked my way.
"You told me,
All the secret parts of why.
What more is there to know?
Why do you block my path today?"
Quietly the Dragon offered,
"Have you not noticed,
The path you take
Is more the same,
The further on you go?"
"But it is my path
I chose to take.
Why do you block it so?"
He beckoned me to come close
And then closer still.
Then very quietly he said,
"There is a Road TO Life,
Which leads one beyond
This vague dream of life."

"Oh Dragon I have searched
And searched for the Road TO Life.
But even in the secret
Parts of why,
There is no reason why
I have not found it."
Again he beckoned me close,
And then again closer still.
Quietly as though to keep
The secret of it he said,
"Even now you're standing in the middle
Of The Road to Life."
I looked about and could see
No sign at all of any road.
"Some say," the Dragon offered,
"The Road is broader than it is long.
But the truly wise know
The Road to Life is much longer
Than it is wide."

"How can I follow a road
When I cannot even find
The width of it?" said I
Wondering how I could ever
Find my way.
"Climb on my back,"
He offered, "the road
Is much easier to follow
When you can fly."


There are many paths,
Which promise to be
The true path home.
But why bother wandering about?
Even in the secret parts of why,


!!! ... LISTEN ... !!!


    Have you ever thought
    Or wondered why,
    As life goes speeding,
    Zooming, zooming by,
    Why it is ... that secret lore,
    The Dragons never, never tell,
    Is known to the Unicorn,
    So very, very well?

    And why ... that special secret magic,
    That Wizards use and know,
    Of why we come and live and love,
    And where there is to go,
    That masters Dragons in the sky,
    Commanding ... eye to blazing eye,
    That holds the secret mystic key,
    O f fate and fame and eternity,
    That is privileged to that secret lore,
    The Dragons never, never tell,
    Is known to the Unicorn,
    So very, very well?

    And why ... all the wisdom,
    That was ever born,
    Cannot buy the friendship
    O f the Unicorn?
    Though it command that secret lore,
    The Dragons never, never tell,
    It does not impress the Unicorn,
    So very, very well.

    Well ... Unicorns and Dragons too,
    Know all the parts of why,
    Of you and me, and why we be,
    As life goes ... speeding, speeding by.
    But ... while Dragons wing from sun to sun,
    And might someday tell you why,
    None can match the Unicorn,
    In knowing ... ... ... where to fly.

    A Basket of Roses

    All seven Lords covet the Silver Rose.
    Not one can say its bearer "No,"
    Nor raise his sword against the bloom,
    The Silver Warriors grow.

    Rose and eagle on my shield,
    That shines as with the sun.
    Come sing a little song with me,
    And I will give thee one.

    All seven Lords covet this special rose.
    Oh, yes, they have roses too.
    But none can hold the Silver Rose,
    The warriors grow for you.

    Rose and eagle on my shield,
    That shines as with the sun.
    Come sing a little song with me,
    And I will give thee one.

    All seven Lords bow to the Silver Rose,
    As they are bound to do.
    For he who planted Silver Roses,
    Also planted them ... and you.

    Rose and eagle on my shield,
    That shines as with the sun.
    Come sing a little song with me,
    And I will give thee one.

    All seven lords covet the Silver Rose.
    For they are sure to know,
    That far beyond the Silver Sun,
    The Silver Warriors go.
    Rose and eagle on my shield,
    That shines as with the sun.
    Come sing a little song with me
    That I might give thee one.


Excerpted from Poems To Ponder on The Road TO Life by Bruce K. Avenell. Copyright © 2014 Bruce K. Avenell. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Far ... Far ... Away, 1,
The Vital Essence, 2,
Daylight, 5,
Blind and Asleep, 7,
Waking Up, 9,
Waking Up Again, 10,
Within the Dream of Life, 12,
The First Lesson, 14,
Dreams of Morning, 15,
Truth, 17,
Beyond, 19,
Colorado Morning, 20,
The Magic Woods, 22,
The Dragon on the Road, 28,
In the Secret Parts of Why, 30,
Paths, 33,
Legend, 34,
A Basket of Roses, 36,
Ascension, 38,
Yesterdays' Tomorrows, 39,
Keeping Up With Time, 41,
The Chimes of Time, 43,
The Kannon, 44,
Remember: Drink of the Water of Life, 45,
About the Game, 46,
The Mystery, 47,
There is a Way ..., 49,
Going Nowhere, 50,
Victory, 51,
Horizons, 53,
The Piper, 55,
Listen, 58,
The Next Eternity, 60,
Are You Coming?, 62,
Remember: All the Wit of Wizardry, 63,

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