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Pilgrims of Another Sort: Life Lessons from the Turkey Bowl in Lawrence Kansas

Pilgrims of Another Sort: Life Lessons from the Turkey Bowl in Lawrence Kansas

by David Dalke


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In PILGRIMS OF ANOTHER SORT, the past marries the present. Simon,

the narrator, taps into the challenges of the historic Puritans of 1620

by lifting out a modern-day "Pilgrim" event - a highly competitive and

rugged game of touch football - known as The Turkey Bowl.

Without fail, in Lawrence, Kansas, this game has been played on Thanksgiving Day for 35 straight years. In 1971 three guys began meeting after their abundant Thanksgiving meal to toss the football. Each year a few more joined in on the fun, and teams were formed. The momentum continues to grow.

What makes this Thanksgiving Holiday Bowl game so unique? Why

are men in their 40's and 50's throwing down the gauntlet at the feet

of hopeful young upstarts and placing their years of Turkey Bowl wisdom

against unbridled energy? The answer is TRADITION.

Everyone gathers at

Johnny's Tavern the night before to "initiate" new "Pilgrims" and hear

any announcements regarding the next day's Bowl Game. As Simon points

out, these PILGRIMS OF ANOTHER SORT are engaged in the power of choice, which is the theme throughout the book. Turkey

Bowlers negotiate postponement of family travels and holiday meals,

risk injury on the field of play, flow with the ever-changing rules of

the game and vote for the most valuable players after the final whistle

is blown.

The Pilgrims of 1620 and the modern day "Pilgrims" have weathered the storms, each in their own way. One group found a rock called Plymouth. Another continues to find a frozen tundra called a football field. The game is exciting, but the life lessons are clearly bigger than the game itself.

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