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Photoshop CC in easy steps

Photoshop CC in easy steps

by Robert Shufflebotham


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Photoshop CC in easy steps delivers a solid, secure and lasting foundation that you can build on as you explore Photoshop and develop more and more control over one the most creative pieces of software available today. The author’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the requirements and needs of the new user is distilled in this book which is written in simple, clear language with step by step instructions, breaking down complex functions into easy to follow learning sequences.

Grasp the basics of color, file formats, key graphics and design terminology
Master Photoshop window and the Tool panel
Learn the tricks of the trade for image editing
Explore Selection tools, Layers, Paths and Color adjustments to create your unique images
Optimize images for print, web or multimedia
Create effective animations for the web
Download example images used in the book and get updates to the features covered – FREE

Photoshop CC in easy steps allows you you to master the basics so you can proceed to unleash the full creative potential of the software.

Covers Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781840786309
Publisher: In Easy Steps Limited
Publication date: 11/04/2014
Series: In Easy Steps
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Robert Shufflebotham is a software training consultant with over 20 years’ industry experience. He trains on a regular basis for some of the largest and most prestigious magazine, book and newspaper publishers in the world. He also has a MA in Electronic Media. Robert is a successful In Easy Steps author, with all earlier editions of Photoshop in Easy Steps to his credit.

Table of Contents

1 Basic Theory 7

Bitmaps and Vectors 8

Pixels and Resolution 10

RGB and CMYK Color Models 11

Color Management 13

2 The Working Environment 15

The Working Environment 16

Using the Tool Panel 18

Document and Scratch Sizes 20

Ruler Guides and Grids 21

Zooming and Moving Around 22

The Info Panel 23

Panel Techniques 24

Controlling the Workspace 26

Save and Load Custom Settings 27

Printing 28

The History Panel 29

3 Open and Save Files 31

Opening Images in Photoshop 32

Scanning into Photoshop 33

Opening and Placing EPS files 34

Bridge 36

Adobe Camera Raw 39

Graduated Filter Tool 41

Saving Files 42

TIFF Formal 43

Photoshop EPS 45

Save as JPEG 46

Creating a New File 47

Photomerge 48

4 Image and Color Basics 49

Rotating an Image 50

Resizing without Resampling 51

Resampling Up 52

Sampling Down 54

Cropping an Image 56

Preserve Details Enlargement 57

Adding a Border 58

Image Modes 59

Foreground & Background Colors 61

Eyedropper and Color Sampler 62

The Color Picker 63

The Color Panel 65

The Swatches Panel 66

5 The Painting Tools 67

The Brush Preset Picker 68

The Brush Panel 70

Custom Brush Settings 72

Brush Tip Shape Settings 74

Brush Presets 75

Mixer Brush Tool 76

The Pencil Tool 78

The Gradient Tool 79

The Paint Bucket Tool 80

Blending Modes 81

Creating Rasterized Shapes 84

6 The Editing Tools 85

Blur, Sharpen and Smudge 86

The Clone Stamp Tool 87

Dodge, Burn and Sponge 88

The Eraser Tool 89

The Magic Eraser 90

The Background Eraser 91

The Healing Brush Tool 92

The Spot Healing Brush Tool 93

The Patch Tool 94

Color Replacement Tool 95

Content-Aware Move Tool 96

7 Selections 97

Marquee Selection Tools 98

Marquee Options 99

Moving Selected Pixels 100

The lasso Tools 103

The Magic Wand Tool 103

The Quick Selection Tool 104

Refine Edge 105

Feathering Selections 107

Modifying Selections 108

Grow and Similar Commands 109

Pasting Into Selections 110

Filling a Selection 111

Copying and Pasting Selections 113

Focus Area Selection 114

Transforming Selections 116

8 Layers 117

Working with Layers 118

Merge and Flatters layers 120

Moving Layers Between Images 121

Selecting and Linking Layers 122

Locking Layers 123

Layer Groups 124

Layer Styles 125

Transforming Layers 128

New Layer Commands 129

Smart Objects 130

Linked Smart Objects 132

Warping 133

Auto-Align/Blend Layers 135

The Styles Panel 137

Content Aware Scaling 139

Puppet Warp 141

Perspective Warp 143

9 Working with Type 145

Creating Point Type 146

Creating Paragraph Type 147

Editing and Selecting Type 148

Character Settings 149

Paragraph Settings 151

Masked Type 152

Type and Layer Styles 153

Type Effects 154

10 Paths 155

Converting Selections to Paths 156

Using the Pen Tool 157

Selecting Paths and Points 159

Managing Points 160

Manipulating Points 161

Exporting Paths 162

Smart Guides 163

Creating Shape Layers 164

Fill and Stroke for Shapes 165

11 Channels and Masks 167

Quick Mask Mode 168

The Channels Panel 169

Save and Load Selections 170

Layer Masks 172

Pixel and Vector Masks 174

Mask Properties Panel 176

12 Color Adjustments 177

Brightness/Contrast 178

Auto Tone and Auto Color 179

The Level Dialog Box 180

The Curves Dialog Box 182

The Histogram Panel 184

The Adjustments Panel 186

Vibrance Adjustment 189

Color Balance 190

Black & While Command 191

Shadow/Highlight Command 192

13 Filters 193

Fitter Controls 194

Unsharp Mask and Sharpen Filters 195

Smart Sharpen 197

Blur Filters 198

Path and Spin Blur 200

Noise Filters 202

Automatic Camera Shake Reduction 204

The Liquify Dialog Box 205

Liquify Distortion Tools 206

Filter Galery 207

Vanishing Point 209

Editing Perspective Planes 211

Smart Filters 212

14 Web and Multimedia 213

Save for Web 214

Saving Optimized Images 216

GIF Optimization Settings 218

JPEG Optimization Settings 219

PNG File Format 220

Color Palettes 221

Dithering 222

15 Animations and Slices 223

Creating a Simple Animation 224

Playing and Managing Frames 226

Optimize and Save Animations 228

Tweemng 229

Slicing Images 230

Working with Slices 231

Optimizing and Saving Slices 233

Index 235

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