Parenting The Strong-Willed Child: Modern Parenting Methods That Work

Parenting The Strong-Willed Child: Modern Parenting Methods That Work

by S.J. Baker


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Parenting - Effective parenting that works

Raising a family, and particularly young children is a lifetime commitment and no easy feat. From the moment of birth, parents are tasked with the job of shaping their children's life, teaching important lessons and providing them with strong morals and values. Though that may sound straightforward, raising a child can be a series of trials and misfires. As the world constantly revolves around us, we're forced to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

This book will teach you

  • How to rediscover joy as a parent
  • How to work with your child's nature while nururing greatness
  • How to effectively discipline a child when what you have tried does not work
  • Getting the balance right between love nad logic in parenting
  • How to connect with and love your child
  • Parenting thar gets results
  • How to have a happier home

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    Publication date: 03/15/2016
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