Opinions & Observations: From the dumpster of my mind

Opinions & Observations: From the dumpster of my mind

by C. Donald O Connor


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I call this a Journal of worthless stories and information that streams from the dumpster of my mind. On the other hand, perhaps it does have value, but that's for you to decide. It will make you think, wonder, and ponder why I left my day job. A collection of stories that will amuse you, and put a smile on your face. A look into life, through my eyes.
I started this, and now it's gotten out of hand. So, as I'm deep into it I returned back, to this spot, to explain to myself why I started this in the first place but I don't have a clue as to why it has taken this, well, different direction. It really was only my outlook, and opinions. Something to remember, to look back over, and reflect on my thinking, if you want to call it that. It was to be like a short story but has evolved into somewhat of many short stories in a short story, if that makes any sense at all. It has some direction, but it doesn't follow a regular path. I'm trying to tell myself something, but I'm not sure what it is. I do know that I enjoy thinking about the day's events and reading about them later. So, that must be the lure. It's also a way for me to point a finger and I'm good at that.

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Living in Lima, Peru with my wife and extended family, I am still from the US and return each year. Retired now, it has afforded me the time to indulge myself in writing, something I have always loved doing. I have written for my entire adult life, but always for my own pleasure. These stories and there many were never meant for publication. However, at the prompting of my wife, to publish at least two stories, I broke down and gave in. She likes my work, however, keep in mind she may be a little bias.
A story, in whatever form, should relate an image, in one's mind, in such a way, that it gives the reader pleasure. To take them from reality into a daydream, a fantasy world where they can lose themselves in its charm, delivering them from the troubles of the daily world. This is what I have tried to accomplish, but just for me. Now it's all out there for the entire world to see. It gives me a strange feeling to know someone in the UK, China, or some other remote part of this earth, is reading my works. When I go back over what I have written, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, the same as I did writing it. I hope it does the same for you.

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