Only God

Only God

by Edward Paz


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I’ve had the privilege of witnessing a majority of these stories at the time they occurred, but reading them all together has taken my belief in God’s faithfulness to another level. Pastor Edward’s simple “yes” to God’s call made way for 30 uniquely impactful stories to be strung together in such a way that only God could’ve authored it. I have no doubt that after you read through these stories, you will be encouraged in your calling, assured of God’s power, and compelled to walk through your next step of obedience.

Lanae Romero, Original Core Team Member Oakland, CA

If you have thought about or are thinking about church planting, you won't want to miss this book. Edward has a particular gift for looking backward and forward with the deep reflections from which spiritual growth emerges. He traces times of despair and breakthrough, self-doubt and encouragement, obstacles and open doors in ways that weave together his story that God is writing. In the midst of this is a story of partnership where there might have been competition that gives us a glimpse of God's kingdom right here in Oakland.

Nancy Ortberg, Chief Executive Officer Transforming the Bay with Christ

The beauty of this book is not that it inspires you to expect God to work in your life the same way he worked in these stories. Rather, Edward points us to the character of God. Our unchanging Lord is ready to reveal himself to you today to transform your life, family, ministry, and work.

Daniel Henderson, President Strategic Renewal International

Starting a church is one of the most challenging things a person could ever do. Money is often inadequate. Volunteers can be scarce. Feelings can get hurt. Relationships can be broken. But starting a church can also be the most incredible thing a person could ever do. People give their lives to Jesus. Relationships are restored. Communities are served. Lives are transformed. Edward’s account of God’s work through THEMOVEMENT.CHURCH so far includes accounts of all of the above and more. It is a great record to have and a great foundation upon which to build.

Kevin Ezell, President North American Mission Board, SBC

I have been around hundreds of church planters over the last 20 years. Every once in a while God gives a young leader the skills, character, adn vision of Edward Paz. Only God is a must-read primer for anyone considering church planting. Furthermore, it's a great book for anyone who has stopped believing that God is working and expanding his kingdom through the local church.

Shaun Garman, Associate Director Acts 29 US West

We forget. We minimize. We ignore.

On most days, we neglect to reflect on and express gratitude for the miracles God has allowed us to be part of. In doing so, not only do we fail to remember what God has done, but we also miss out on the opportunity to be more convinced of who God is.

In Only God, Pastor Edward Paz will open your eyes to 30 unique attributes of God through the refreshingly inspiring retelling of 30 incredible miracles he experienced as he went from being an over-ambitious college dropout to planting a gospel-proclaiming, disciple-making church in the city of Oakland, California.

By the end of Only God...

· Your confidence in the character of God will be strengthened.

· Your hope in the potential of the local church will be revived.

· Your conviction to recount your “only God” experiences will be deepened.

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ISBN-13: 9781632964953
Publisher: Lucid Books
Publication date: 02/18/2020
Pages: 220
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