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On Being a Cop: Father & Son Police Tales from the Streets of Chicago

On Being a Cop: Father & Son Police Tales from the Streets of Chicago

by Jim Padar, James W PADAR

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Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Be a Cop?

Father and son, Jim and Jay Padar, know well what it’s like. Both have served as Chicago police officers with over fifty years of combined experience between them.

On Being a Cop describe the adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding moments of their life-and-death experiences fighting crime, the emotional toll that the job takes upon them and their families, the value of a support system that includes chaplains, partners, and the public, and the moments that make doing the job all worthwhile.

Fifty-three stories capture every aspect of a police career from being a rookie to working the graveyard shift, chasing criminals, playing fireman, visiting the morgue, and investigating heinous crimes. Whether it’s Jim dealing with riots in Chicago’s streets following Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination or Jay coping with the loss of officer’s close to him to suicide, readers will experience the tears, tragedies, and triumphs of being a police officer. In these pages, wrongs will be righted, lives saved, hearts broken, and friends, family, fatherhood, and faith will give these men the strength to go out and do it all over again the next day.

So climb into the blue and white squad car, buckle your seatbelt, and see life on the streets of Chicago from a cop’s eyes.

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ISBN-13: 9781483513157
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 12/02/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 316
File size: 506 KB

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

A Cop, a Baby, and the Future By Jim 13

Shootout at the High Rollers Pool Hall… By Jim 15

Do You Want to Be My Mommy? By Jim 25

You Can Never Go Back By Jim 29

Glad to Be Back (Email) By Jay & Jim 31

A Head Is Highly Portable By Jim 35

Accidental Cop By Jim 43

Cops Don't Cry By Jim 47

The Encounter By Jay 51

But It's Not Our Job! By Jim 55

Bennigan's By Jay 67

A Police Family By Jay 69

The Police Test Emails By Jim, Jay & Tim 73

Faith, Hope, and Charity By Jim 77

We Have an Officer Shot… By Jim 79

Christmas Mass with the Police By Jim 83

Little Blue Canaries By Jay 87

I Hate Fires By Jim 89

Two Kids Playing Fireman By Jay 97

Lunchbox, Nerf Football, By Jay 101

and My Spelling Book… The Giant By Jay 105

The Lakefront By Jay 107

The Chill By Jim 111

In Memory of… By Jim 113

Mike By Jim 117

On the Fence By Jay 127

What Scares Cops? By Jim 131

Have No Fear, the Police Are Here… By Jay 137

Morgue, a Verb By Jim 143

Roller Coasters, Skydiving, By Jay and Bee Stings… 143

Accidental Murder By Jim 147

The Green By Jay 157

The King Riots-the First Day By Jim 159

Do You Hear What I Hear? By Jay 171

Rocco By Jim 173

A Run for the Border By Jim & Jay 177

Looking at the Face of Death… By Jim 181

It's All in a Name By Jay 187

The Dummy:

Part I The Investigation By Jim 189

Part II The Trial and Epilogue By Jim 207

CTA Sniper! By Jim 221

Shoot! Shoot Now! By Jim 231

The Dream By Jay 235

Janitors in a Drum:

Part I-The Crime Scene By Jim 239

Part II-The Investigation By Jim 251

Why Now? Why Here? By Jay 261

Thusly, a Scuffle Ensued… By Jim 263

"You Saved My Baby!" By Jim 271

Back on Home Turf By Jay 281

The Wrong Guy By Jim 285

7:00 a.m.? By Jay 299

Lights, Sirens, and Angels By Jim 301

My New Partner… If Only for a Moment By Jim & Jay 309

End Notes By Jim 313

About the Authors 315

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