Nuclear War Club: 7 High School students in detention fight to survive

Nuclear War Club: 7 High School students in detention fight to survive

by Colt Triarii


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Seven California High School Seniors were in detention when the lights went out, the ceiling collapsed, and they were trapped in overturned desks and the debris. They struggled in the cave like darkness of the basement classroom, choking on the dust. This was not an earthquake, but a Nuclear Attack.

David Phelps swallowed his panic. He knew they would have to work together to escape from the rubble. Then they would have to shelter for fourteen days to survive the fallout. He struggled to remember what his Dad, an Air Force Officer, had taught him about Nuclear War. If, as he feared, their parents were dead, then they should trek east. Hopefully they would stay together.

David was disappointed with this dysfunctional group. But you go to Nuclear War with the survivors you have, he realized. They would have to adapt, improvise, and overcome. Or die.

They did not know, or like, each other. The teenagers were together only because they had been sentenced to detention. Everything suddenly changed when they rescued a four year old orphan and his dog. Now they were the parents.

Seven teenagers, on seven different paths, are thrown together despite their cultural and religious differences that they thought never mattered. They must make not only survival decisions, but spiritual choices as they struggle against an enemy who demands either religious conversion, or beheading.

This is an incredible journey of survival, and personal choice.

They became the Nuclear War Club

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