Not Christ's Church

Not Christ's Church

by Christopher W. Neff


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This book, 'Not Christ's Church', is an examination on the legitimacy of what man and the world calls 'church' - in light of the Scriptures. There are denominations and 'church' buildings; but, is it the True Church? Is your 'church' enabling and calling, to and for you, mirroring what the Church is supposed to be? Or, are you comfortably trading-off responsibility (along with honor and power) to an organization that will relieve you (for a fee/indulgence/tithe) with a lie - granting religiosity (and false assurance)? Those who identify with such places are deceived and being deceived, children, immature, tossed around; and doing so willfully disobedient to God's Word and Christ Jesus. In 2 Cor. 6:17-18 and Rev. 17 we are issued the call and warning to leave such places. All denominations and 'church' buildings are no different than the Roman Catholic church in where their authority is drawn - their selves - not the Word of God. Some claim the Bible as their sole source of authority; yet, in exhortation, practice, and accountability - not THE ONLY authority. You can't offer reformation to that which is corrupt. We are to be, The Family of God, The Body of Christ, His Bride, His Church. Christendom began in The House Church. The only real, genuine, Biblical, authentic, Church is the New Testament Church.

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