Naughty Little Secrets

Naughty Little Secrets

by Mary Wilbon

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In this uproarious, madcap novel, Mary Wilbon introduces two irresistible heroines about to stumble into more trouble than they could ever imagine (think parties, think booze, think very stylish homicide). . .


People used to tell me I was a dead ringer for Halle Berry. Okay, most of them were criminals and I was pointing a gun at their heads, but a compliment's a compliment. I used to be a cop, by the way, before I took over security for my girlfriend's multi-million-dollar clam conglomerate. Say that three times fast. Now it's just me, Laura, our dog Garbo, the butler, and about forty of our closest friends, all drunk, all about to turn our hors d'oeuvres into permanent carpet stains. There's a joke in here somewhere. . .but I'll need a drink to find it. . .


"Let's do a costume Christmas party; it'll be a blast!" Yeah, right. YOU try wriggling a mermaid costume over actual hips. It seemed like a good idea at the time, you know, me the rich socialite clam mogul in the aquatic themed outfit. Guess it's good that I'm not a proctologist. . .So it's just another party at our house with the usual assortment of movie stars, politicians, ex-cops, ex-cons, and bartenders. Thank God for the bartenders. I have a feeling I'm going to need it since my friend Sindee says there's something really important she needs to tell me. . .some naughty little secret she says is also very dangerous. . .

Like a warped version of Sex and the City meets The Thin Man, Naughty Little Secrets is a wild romp through martinis, murder, embezzlement, martinis, "Homey-sexual" cops, bad musicals, community theatre from hell, martinis, sex, seduction, betrayal, double martinis, and New Jersey. . .and possibly the most fun you can have between the covers. . .

Mary Wilbon moved from upstate New York with the hopes of becoming a Broadway actress. She made it as far as New Jersey. She loved New Jersey, so she stayed and auditioned for plays in New York. She landed some off-Broadway work, but like many an aspiring actress, she realized it didn't pay the bills. She got a full-time job with the USDOL and continued to do community theater in New Jersey. This book is lovingly written for all the talented actors who didn't quite make it to Broadway. This isn't a recent photo, but damn it, she was determined to get some use out of the headshots she paid for.

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Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 08/01/2004
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