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Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace

Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace

Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace

Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace


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Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 - 1913) was one of the late nineteenth century's most potent intellectual forces. His link to Darwin as co-discoverer of the principle of natural selection alone would have secured him a place in history, but he went on to complete work entitling him to recognition as the 'father' of modern biogeographical studies, as a pioneer in the field of astrobiology, and as an important contributor to subjects as far-ranging as glaciology, land reform, anthropology and ethnography, and epidemiology. Beyond this, many are coming to regard Wallace as the pre-eminent field biologist, collector, and naturalist of tropical regions. Add to that the fact that he was a vocal supporter of spiritualism, socialism, and the rights of the ordinary person, and it quickly becomes apparent that Wallace was a man of extraordinary breadth of attention. Yet his work in many of these areas is still not well known, and still less recognized is his relevance to current day research almost 100 years after his death. This rich collection of writings by more than twenty historians and scientists reviews and reflects on the work that made Wallace a famous man in his own time, and a figure of extraordinary influence and continuing interest today.

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Publisher: OUP Oxford
Publication date: 11/27/2008
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About the Author

Charles H. Smith is Professor of Library Public Information Services at Western Kentucky University. His research interests include biogeography and evolutionary theory, systems theory, bibliography, and Alfred Russel Wallace. He has published four books, nearly a hundred journal articles and reviews, and currently maintains the website The Alfred Russel Wallace Page at His previous book publications are Alfred Russel Wallace: An Anthology of his Shorter Writings; Biodiversity Studies: A Bibliographic Review; Alfred Russel Wallace: Writings on Evolution, 1843-1912; and Alfred Russel Wallace: Evolution of an Evolutionist. George Beccaloni is Curator in the Department of Entomology at the Natural History Museum, London. A Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and Royal Entomological Society of London, he also set up set up the A. R. Wallace Memorial Fund. His publications include numerous research articles and the following books (as co-editor): Hostplants of the Moth and Butterfly Caterpillars of the Oriental Region; Hostplants of the moth and butterfly caterpillars of America north of Mexico; and Host-plants of the Neotropical Butterflies: A Catalogue.

Table of Contents

Foreword Peter Bowler vii

Preface Earl of Cranbrook ix

List of Figures xx

List of Plates xxii

List of Tables xxiii

List of Contributors xxiv

Introduction 1

1 Homes Sweet Homes: A Biographical Tour of Wallace's Many Places of Residence George Beccaloni 7

Part I In the World of Nature

2 "Ardent Beetle-Hunters": Natural History, Collecting, and the Theory of Evolution Andrew Berry 47

3 Theory and Practice in the Field: Wallace's Work in Natural History (1844-1858) Melinda Bonnie Fagan 66

4 Wallace's Annotated Copy of the Darwin-Wallace Paper on Natural Selection George Beccaloni 91

5 Wallace and the Species Concept of the Early Darwinians James Mallet 102

6 Direct Selection for Reproductive Isolation: The Wallace Effect and Reinforcement Norman A. Johnson 114

7 The Colours of Animals: From Wallace to the Present Day. I. Cryptic Coloration Tim Caro Sami Merilaita Martin Stevens 125

8 The Colours of Animals: From Wallace to the Present Day. II. Conspicuous Coloration. Tim Caro Geoffrey Hill Leena Lindström Michael Speed 144

9 Alfred Russel Wallace, Biogeographer Bernard Michaux 166

10 Wallace and the Great Ice Age Keith Tinkler 186

11 Wallace, Conservation, and Sustainable Development Sandra Knapp 201

Part II In the World of Man, and Worlds Beyond

12 The "Finest Butterfly in the World?": Wallace and His Literary Legacy Peter Raby 223

13 Wallace and Owenism Gregory Claeys 235

14 Wallace, Women, and Eugenics Diane B. Paul 263

15 Out of "the Limbo of 'Unpractical Politics'": The Origins and Essence of Wallace's Advocacy of Land Nationalization David A. Stack 279

16 Alfred Russel Wallace and Anti-Vaccinationism in the Late Victorian Cultural Context, 1870-1907 Martin Fichman 305

17 The Universe and Alfred Russel Wallace Steven J. Dick 320

18 Wallace's Unfinished Business Charles H. Smith 341

19 Wallace in Wonderland James Moore 353

20 Wallace's Dilemmas: The Laws of Nature and the Human Spirit Ted Benton 368

21 Wallace, Spiritualism, and Beyond: "Change," or "No Change"? Charles H. Smith 391

References Cited 425

Works by Alfred Russel Wallace 425

Works by Other Authors 433

Index 467

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