Native American Myths & Legends

Native American Myths & Legends

by Various Authors


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These fascinating tales of the Native American peoples are filled with outlandish characters, heroic feats and captivating creation myths. Extraordinary, diverse and meaningful, these fables are a cultural landmark in North American literature.

Discover how Glooscap defeated sorcerers, how Manabozho escaped the stomach of a king fish and how the Old Man Above climbed through a hole in the sky.

Featuring more than 50 legends and illustrated by the striking portrait photography of Edward Curtis, Native American Myths and Legends showcases the imagination, insight and oral traditions of North Americas first inhabitants.

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Publication date: 09/01/2019
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About the Author

These stories were collected and preserved by various authors including Katharine Berry Judson, Edward Curtis, James Athearn Jones, Emelyn Newcomb Partridge, Clinton Hart Merriam and George Bird Grinnell. Edward Curtis was also a renowned photographer and his images as well as those of other artists such as George Carlin, Karl Bodmer, and Cornelius Krieghoff illustrate these tales and show the men and women behind these stories.

Table of Contents

Creation Myths
Kuterastan and Creation (Apache)
The Discovery of the Upper World (Jicarillas)
Creation Myth (Navajo)
How the World Was Made (Cherokee)
The First Fire (Cherokee)
The Flood and the Rainbow (Delaware, Lenni-Lenapi)
Sacred Legend (Omaha)
The Bird of Ages (Cree)
A Mother of the World (Tlicho)
Alaskan Creation Myths (Inuit)
The Bringing of the Light by Raven (Inuit)
The First Totem Pole (Kwakiutl)
Sakechak, the Hunter (Caddos)
The Earth-maker (Winnebago)
How the Old Man Above Created the World (Shastika)
Old Mole's Creation (Shastika)
How Qawaneca Created the World (Chemetunne)
Genesis (Blackfoot)
The Creation of the World (Pima)
The Beginning of Newness (Zuni)
The Men of Early Times (Zuni)
Spider's Creation (Sia)
How Silverfox Created the World (Atsugewi)
Creation of the World (Wyandot)
Machinitou, the Evil Spirit (Algonquin)
How the People Got Five Fingers and Other Stories (Miwok)
The Evil Maker (Ojibwa)
Legend of the Corn (Arikara)
Yo-Sem-I-Te, Large Grizzly Bear (Yosemite)

Heroes and Tricksters
The Raven Myth (Inuit)
The Flood (Tlingit)
How Raven Stole the Lake (Haida)
Origin of Light and Fire (Lillooet)
Raven's Canoe Men (Haida)
Raven and Moon-woman (Haida)
Fable of the Animals (Karok)
How Coyote Stole Fire (Klamath)
Origin of the Tribes (Chinook)
How Ah-ha'-le Stole the Sun (Miwok)
Coyote and Grizzly (Nez Perce)
Coyote in the Buffalo Country (Flathead)
Coyote and the Salmon (Klamath)
How Coyote Was Killed (Clatsop)
Wiske-djak and the Geese (Algonquin)
Wiske-djak and the Partridges (Algonquin)
Wiske-djak and the Great Beaver (Algonquin)
Wek'-wek's Search for his Father (Miwok)
Wek'-wek's Search for his Sister (Miwok)
Wek'-wek's Visit to the Underground People (Miwok)
A Legend of Manabozho (Ojibwa)
Manabozho in the Fish's Stomach (Ojibwa)
The Sun and the Moon (Ojibwa)
Manabozho and the Wolf (Ojibwa)
How Glooscap Found the Summer (Mi'kmaq)
How Glooscap Conquered his Enemies (Mi'kmaq)
How Glooscap Defeated the Sorcerers (Mi'kmaq)
How Glooscap was Conquered by Wasis (Mi'kmaq)
Origin of the Thunder Bird (Klamath)
Turtle and the Thunder Bird (Ojibwa)
Why Lightning Strikes the Trees (Thompson River)
The Last of the Thunderbirds (Inuit)
The Magic Birth of nenebuc and his Four Brothers (Ojibwa)
Nenebuc Tempers the Wind (Ojibwa)
Nenebuc Gets Caught in the Bear's Skull (Ojibwa)
Nenebuc Gets Caught in the Bear's Skull (Ojibwa)
Ictinike and the Turtle (Omaha)
Ictinike and the Creators (Omaha)

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