My Baby's Book: A Keepsake Journal for Parents to Preserve Memories, Moments & Milestones (Keepsake Legacy Journals)

My Baby's Book: A Keepsake Journal for Parents to Preserve Memories, Moments & Milestones (Keepsake Legacy Journals)

by Anne Phyfe Palmer
My Baby's Book: A Keepsake Journal for Parents to Preserve Memories, Moments & Milestones (Keepsake Legacy Journals)

My Baby's Book: A Keepsake Journal for Parents to Preserve Memories, Moments & Milestones (Keepsake Legacy Journals)

by Anne Phyfe Palmer

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This beautiful keepsake baby book provides a place for a proud parent to record and preserve the memories, moments, and milestones of a new baby’s arrival and first few years.

My Baby's Book focuses on baby’s delivery and first few years. Prompts include a mix of short-answer questions, lists, fill in the blanks, and places for photos to record pregnancy/anticipation of the birth, arrival, family info, observations about baby’s appearance and temperament, firsts, growth milestones, home, family friends, and baby playmates. When complete, you'll have a nuanced portrait of your baby's life through reflections, memories, history, and stories—a keepsake to be cherished throughout their life.

Sections include:
  • About Us
  • Your Arrival
  • About You
  • Showered
  • Firsts
  • Home
  • Adventure
  • Growing Up

  • This gorgeously crafted journal features the whimsical work of papercut artist Sarah Trumbauer throughout.

    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781632174536
    Publisher: Sasquatch Books
    Publication date: 01/03/2023
    Series: Keepsake Legacy Journals
    Pages: 144
    Sales rank: 104,248
    Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.80(d)

    About the Author

    ANNE PHYFE PALMER is a writer, entrepreneur, yoga and mindfulness teacher, electric bike-commuter, parent, and sailor. She left her hometown of New Orleans and founded 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle. With her guided journal series from Sasquatch Books, Anne Phyfe takes her passion for personal inquiry from the yoga mat to the written word. She lives in Seattle with her family. You can find her at P.S. Anne Phyfe is her first name!

    SARAH TRUMBAUER is a papercut artist and illustrator living in rural eastern Pennsylvania. Her paper cuts are inspired by long walks through gardens, vintage children's books, and art nouveau patterns. Her work has been featured in international magazines, books, and stationery products. 

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    How to Use This Book
    This book was designed for parent(s) to record the facts, details, and experiences of (and hopes for) a new baby’s life. Here are some tips for how to get the most out of your time with this book:

    1. Get started before baby arrives! Try to begin as soon as you have this book in your hands. Go through the whole book in advance of baby’s arrival and fill in what you can;
    you know you will be busy soon. Keep this journal somewhere accessible to complete a prompt or two whenever you see it.

    2. This book is intended to be used by families of all kinds. We have used the pronoun “we”
    to refer to baby’s parent or parents. If baby has one parent, you can put additional photos on the second parent page or fill in the information with a godparent or close friend who has a role in baby’s life.

    3. If there are fewer siblings than the space allows, use the extra pages to include more photos. You might have pets instead of other children, or other people close to you, so feel free to use the sibling pages to honor those important relationships too.

    4. Set calendar reminders ahead of time for the down-the-road prompts, letters from others, and annual birthday check-ins.

    5. Skip questions if they are holding you up. You do not have to fill out all of the prompts!
    They are here to inspire, not to slow you down. If you are not ready, skip it; if it isn’t pertinent, let it go.

    6. Allow yourself to take several passes at each section. You might find it helpful to jump around and answer just a few prompts or questions from each section in one sitting and return another day to fill out others that speak to you. You can also ask others close to baby to help contribute as well.

    7. Use the “More to Know” pages after each section to write more, add your own prompts or important information, or paste in family photos.

    8. Use the Family Tree to collect information that is important to you about each family member. You could note the date of their birth or death or the location of their birth.

    9. Revisit and add to this journal over months and years.

    Table of Contents


    How to Use This Book xx

    ABOUT US xx
    Parent(s) xx
    Sibling(s) xx
    Family xx
    Extended Family xx

    Pregnancy xx
    You’re Here! xx
    Birthday xx
    The Day You Were Born xx

    ABOUT YOU xx
    Name xx
    Your Body xx
    Dressing You Up xx
    Interaction xx
    Night & Naptime xx

    Baby Shower xx
    Gifts xx
    Attention xx
    Letters xx
    Ceremonies & Rituals xx

    FIRSTS xx
    Baby xx
    Toddler xx
    Out & About xx
    Communication xx
    Movement xx
    Health xx
    More Firsts xx

    HOME xx
    Your First Home xx
    Hometown xx

    Seasons xx
    Travel xx
    Transportation xx
    Nature xx

    Growth xx
    Nutrition xx
    You’re One Year Old! xx
    Your Second Year xx
    Your Third Year xx
    Your Fourth Year xx
    Beyond xx
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