Pub. Date:
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Pub. Date:
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Mindfulness and Character Strengths : A Practical Guide to Flourishing

Mindfulness and Character Strengths : A Practical Guide to Flourishing

by Ryan M. Niemiec Ryan M. Niemiec
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Looking for the latest research and practices on character strengths and mindfulness? Curious about how character strengths can supercharge your mindfulness practice? Or how mindfulness can help you deploy your best qualities? Look no further - the answers are in this book! At the core of this hands-on resource for psychologists and other practitioners, including educators, coaches, and consultants, is Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP), the first structured program to combine mindfulness with the character strengths laid out in the VIA Institute's classification developed by Drs. Martin E. P. Seligman and Christopher Peterson. This 8-session program systematically boosts awareness and application of character strengths - and so helps people flourish and lead more fulfilling lives. The author's vast experience working with both mindfulness and character strengths is revealed in his sensitive and clear presentation of the conceptual, practical, and scientific elements of this unique combined approach. It is not only those who are new to mindfulness or to character strengths who will appreciate the detailed primers on these topics in the first section of the book. And the deep discussions about the integration of mindfulness and character strengths in the second section will benefit not just intermediate and advanced practitioners. The third section then leads readers step-by-step through each of the 8 MBSP sessions, including details of session structure and content, suggested homework, 30 practical handouts, as well as inspiring quotes and stories and useful practitioner tips. An additional chapter discusses the adaption of MBSP to different settings and populations (e.g., business, education, individuals, couples). The mindfulness and character strengths meditations on the accompanying CD support growth and development. This highly accessible book, while primarily conceived for psychologists, educators, coaches, and consulta

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ISBN-13: 9780889373761
Publisher: Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Publication date: 08/22/2013
Pages: 274
Sales rank: 793,740
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Disclaimer Notice viii

Foreword ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xviii

Section I Primers

Chapter 1 A Primer on Mindfulness 3

Chapter 2 A Primer on Character Strengths 23

Section II Integration

Chapter 3 The Integration of Mindfulness and Character Strengths 47

Chapter 4 Practice I: Strong Mindfulness (Bringing Strengths to Mindfulness) 61

Chapter 5 Practice II: Mindful Strengths Use (Bringing Mindfulness to Strengths) 85

Section III MBSP

Chapter 6 Overview of MBSP 103

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP)

Chapter 7 Session 1: Mindfulness and Autopilot 127

Chapter 8 Session 2: Your Signature Strengths 141

Chapter 9 Session 3: Obstacles are Opportunities 153

Chapter 10 Session 4: Strengthening Mindfulness in Everyday Life (Strong Mindfulness) 163

Chapter 11 Session 5: Valuing Your Relationships 175

Chapter 12 Session 6: Mindfulness of the Golden Mean (Mindful Strengths Use) 191

Chapter 13 Session 7: Authenticity and Goodness 201

Chapter 14 Session 8: Your Engagement With Life 217

Chapter 15 Additional MBSP Features and Adaptations for Different Settings/Populations 227

Section IV Resources

Appendix A MBSP Audio CD Content 243

Appendix B General Tracking Sheet 244

Appendix C A Marriage of Character Strengths 245

Appendix D Mindfulness at the Movies 246

Appendix E Character Strengths Q & A 249

Appendix F Website Resources 251

References 253

Index 271

Audio CD Tracks

Track 1 Introduction

Track 2 Body-Mindfulness Meditation

Track 3 You at Your Best and Strength-Spotting

Track 4 Character Strengths Breathing Space

Track 5 Strengths Gatha

Track 6 Loving-Kindness Meditation

Track 7 Strength-Exploration Meditation

Track 8 Fresh-Look Meditation

Track 9 Signature Strengths Breathing Space

Track 10 Best Possible Self

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