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Married Men Die First: A Blessing

Married Men Die First: A Blessing

by Phillip Greenspan


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Statistics show that, on average, married men kick the bucket five years before being joined by their loving wives and embarking on an eternity full of conversations, like in their marriage, about feelings.
Combining whimsical humor with practical scientific theory, "Married Men Die First: A Blessing," casually encounters a diverse range of topics and stories in establishing a surprising amount of support for the titled theory. The Illogical thoughts, uncontrollable emotions, and insane behavior that are the foundation of modern marriage and the slow killer of all married men are showcased through historical events, unbelievable but true stories, and eye witness accounts.
From men preferring a cellmate over their wife to women who have forgotten more ways to kill with butter than any inmate has ever known, the tales examined are nothing more than others acting out the type of thoughts we've all let creep into our minds at least a few times during marriage. These accounts are combined with author commentary and sub-hypotheses that creatively connect dots that make the outlandish seem practical, and the practical, well, something that died with, "I do."
While the tidbits, stories, history and statistics link together to support the book's overarching theory, it is the exploration into the intricacies of the thoughts, feelings, and resulting actions of those in love that will have the reader cracking the guiltiest of smiles.
This humorously insightful look into marriage is topped off with the introduction of a practical new approach to the joining of unions that will change the way you think about marriage, and make you wish you had the balls to broach the subject with your spouse.

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ISBN-13: 9781484917817
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/03/2013
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Dr. Phillip Greenspan is an author, University of Georgia professor and research scientist, Jewish wry humorist, husband, father, and keen observer of the human condition. Greenspan's research has ranged from understanding the mechanism of action of acetaminophen in preventing "bad cholesterol" from getting even worse to discovering a fluorescent dye that is universally employed in laboratory models of heart disease.
A champion of healthy living and happiness, Greenspan provides a diverse amount of life-enriching knowledge though his well-researched and unique books.
His co-authored scientific works, "Muscadine Medicine" and "Health Benefits of Pecans" provides the reader with rich history and empirical evidence, while showing the benefits of eating foods rich in antioxidants. These industry praised books proved yet again that with Greenspan's uniquely creative brand of scientific theory health and longevity can be obtained by following a proper diet.
His third book, "Married Men Die First: A Blessing", shows just how effective his inventive method of theorizing can be when applied to the more abstract matters of the heart, dealing with the greatest risk of all to heart health, love and marriage.
It is in this book where Dr. Greenspan's personality shines through as he blends whimsical wit, scientific method, and charming commentary to take the reader through a hilarious, yet scientifically insightful examination of why married men die before their wives, and why it is a blessing.
Greenspan's research in understanding heart health and heart strengthening foods has taken a turn into providing a glimpse into understanding what has historically damaged the heart more than anything else in the world.....those we choose to give ours to.

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