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Macromarketing / Edition 1

Macromarketing / Edition 1


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This four-volume set is the only authoritative collection of the most important writing published in the field. It surveys the history of the discipline, before pushing the boundaries of macromarketing scholarship with work on contemporary topics such as Islamic marketing ethics, pharmaceutical marketing, the Fair Trade movement, and the role of marketing in the developing world. In addition, the broad intellectual interests of the international editorial board incorporate papers of cross-disciplinary influence that might not be on the radar of marketing academics.

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ISBN-13: 9781848607040
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 09/10/2009
Series: SAGE Library in Marketing
Edition description: Four-Volume Set
Pages: 1712
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x (d)

About the Author

I have previously taught at the Universities of Leicester, Essex and Strathclyde and my research interests are fairly eclectic. I continue to engage in research related to the history of marketing, with a specific focus on the influence of the Cold War on marketing and advertising theory. An on-going stream of research deals with racism and eugenics in marketing theory, thought and practice. Suffice to say, these are just a sample of what is presently occupying my attention.  

Table of Contents

Volume 1
Part 1: The Domain of Macromarketing
The Macromarketing/Micromarketing Dichotomy: A taxonomical model - Shelby D Hunt and John Burnett
Macromarketing: Past, present and possible future - Roger A. Layton and Sanford Grossbart
Macromarketing as a Pillar of Marketing Thought - William W. Wilkie and Elizabeth S. Moore
Focusing the Future of Macromarketing - Mark Peterson
Marketing as Constructive Engagement - C.J. Shultz
Part 2: The Intellectual Roots of Contemporary Macromarketing
Emerging Macromarketing Concepts: From Socrates to Alfred Marshall - D.F. Dixon
Pre-Aldersonian Antecedents to Macromarketing: Insights from the textual literature - Ronald Savitt
Marketing: Management technology or social process? - Daniel, J. Sweeney
Criteria for a Theory of Responsible Consumption - George Fisk
The Visions of Charles C. Slater: Social consequences of marketing - Robert W. Nason and Phillip D. White
The Political Economy of Marketing Systems: Reviving the institutional approach - Johan Arndt
Reflection and Retrospection: Searching for visions in marketing - George Fisk
Part 3: Perceptions of the Market
Moral Views of Market Society - Marion Fourcade and Kieran Healy
Macromarketing as Agrology: Macromarketing theory and the study of the Agora - John D. Mittelstaedt, William E. Kilbourne and Robert A Mittelstaedt
Embedded Markets, Communities and the Invisible Hand of Social Norms - Rohit Varman and Janeen Arnold Costa
Part 4: Marketing Systems
Marketing Systems: A core macromarketing concept - Roger A. Layton
Market Institutions and Urban Food Supply in West and Southern Africa: A review - Gina Porter, Fergus Lyon and Deborah Potts
Rich Doctors and Poor Patients: Market failure and health care systems in developing countries - B.N. Ghosh
On Economic Growth, Marketing Systems and the Quality of Life - Roger A. Layton
Part 5: Marketing Externalities
The Social Consequences of Marketing: Macromarketing and public policy - Robert W. Nason
Market Mechanisms and the External Benefits of Consumption - Jack Cadeaux
The Harm Chain: A public policy development and stakeholder perspective - M.J. Polonsky, Carlson, L. and Fry, M-L.
Global Food Marketing Systems and Local Cultural Change in the Developing World - Terrence H. Witkowski
Are Biofuels Pro-poor? Assessing the evidence - J.S. Clancy
Volume 2
Part 6: Society's Impact on Markets and Marketing Systems
A Framework for Understanding the Relationships between Religions and Markets - John D. Mittelstaedt
When Policies and Marketing Systems Explode: An Assessment of food marketing in the war-ravaged Balkans and implications for recovery, sustainable peace, and prosperity - Clifford J. Shultz, T.J. Burkink, B. Grbac and N. Renko
'The marketplace, emerging technology and marketing theory' - George M. Zinkhan
The Politics of Marketing: Analyzing the parallel political marketplace - Michael D. Hutt, Michael P. Mokwa and Stanley J. Shapiro
Mobilizing Consumers to Take Responsibility for Global Social Justice - M. Micheletti and D. Stolle
Part 7: Marketing Ethics
Normative Perspectives for Ethically and Socially Responsible Marketing - Gene Laczniak and Patrick Murphy
The General Theory of Marketing Ethics: A revision and three questions - Shelby Hunt and Scott J. Vitell
International Marketing Ethics from an Islamic Perspective: A value-maximization approach - M. Saeed, Z.U. Ahmed and S-M. Mukhtar
Catholic Social Thought and Ethical Issues in Marketing - Thomas A. Klein and Gene R. Laczniak
Part 8: Distributive Justice
A Compendium of Inequality: The human development report - Jens Martens
Out of Sight and Out of Our Minds: What of those left behind in globalism? - R. Belk
International Human Rights and Consumer Quality of Life: An ethical perspective - Ronald Paul Hill, William F. Felice and Thomas Ainscough
Distributive Justice: Pressing questions, emerging directions and the promise of Rawlsian analysis - Gene R. Laczniak and Patrick E. Murphy
A Macromarketing Ethics Framework: Stakeholder orientation and distributive justice - O.C. Ferrell and Linda Ferrell
Fair Trade: Dynamic and dilemmas of a market oriented global social movement - John Wilkinson
Part 9: Quality of Life-A Macromarketing Perspective
Measuring Quality of Life: Economic, social and subjective indicators - Ed Diener and Eunkook Suh
Technological Achievement and Human Development - R.P. Hill and K.K. Dhanda
Quality-of-Life (QOL) Marketing: Proposed antecedents and consequences - Dong-Jin Lee and M. Joseph Sirgy
Comparative Marketing Measures of Societal Quality of Life: Substantive dimensions in 186 countries - Mark Peterson and Naresh K. Malhotra
Part 10: Toward Socioeconomic Development
New Directions in Development Thinking - United Nations Development Programme
Amartya Sen's Contribution to Development Thinking - Frances Stewart and Severine Deneulin
Human Development and Humane Consumption: Well-being beyond the "Good Life" - G liz Ger
How to Help Poor Countries - Nancy Birdsall, Dani Rodrik and Arvind Subramanian
Volume 3
Part 11: Controversies in Development 1: Benefits from Freer Trade? The Doha Round
Challenges to the Multilateral Trading System - Peter Sutherland
Developing Countries and the Collapse of the Doha Round - Yilmas Aky z, William Milberg and Robert Wade
'Dispelling Some Misconceptions about Agricultural Trade Liberalization' - Stephen Tokarick
The Limited Promise of Agricultural Trade Liberalization - Timothy A. Wise
Part 12: Controversies In Development 2: The Role of International Development Assistance
Report of the UN Millennium Project "Investing in Development" - Jens Martens
Investing in Development: The millennium development goals, aid and sustainable capital accumulation - Roy Rathin and Antoine Heuty
Making Aid Work - Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee
Was Development Assistance a Mistake? - William Easterly
Growth, Poverty Reduction and Development Assistance in Asia: Options and prospects - John Farrington and Jeremy Clarke
Part 13: Controversies in Development 3: Economic Growth & Reduced Poverty
Halving Global Poverty - Timothy Besley and Robin Burgess
Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Some hard questions - Ravi Kanbur
Poverty and Economic Policy: What happens when researchers disagree? - Andrew Sumner and Meera Tiwari
On the Links between Globalization and Poverty - Ann Harrison and Margaret Mc Millan
Globalization and Rural Poverty - Pranab Bardhan
Part 14: Controversies in Development 4: Challenges in Globalization
Antiglobal Challenges to Marketing in Developing Countries: Exploring the ideological divide - Terrence H. Witkowski
Globalization's Missing Middle - Geoffrey Garrett
The Hijacking of the Development Debate: How Friedman and Sachs got it wrong - Robin Broad and John Cavanagh
Is Globalization Working? - David Singh Grewal
Stiglitz and his Discontent - Timothy Koechlin
Critiquing the Critics of Economic Globalization - Michael J.Trebilcock
Part 15: Transition Economies and Macromarketing
What the Change of System from Socialism to Capitalism Does and Does Not Mean - János Kornai
Transition Economies: Performance and challenges - Jan Svejnar
Marketing and Development in the Transition Economies of Southeast Asia: Policy explication, assessment and implications - Clifford J. II Shultz and Anthony Pecotich
Choosing Success: The lessons of East and Southeast Asia and Vietnam's future, a policy framework for Vietnam's socioeconomic development 2011-2020 - David Dapice et al.
Volume 4
Part 16: Marketing and Development
Marketing and Development: Macromarketing perspectives - Thomas Klein and Robert Nason
Social Marketing and Development - Ruby Roy Dholakia and Nikhilesh Dholakia
Globalization and Development: An expanded macromarketing view - William E.Kilbourne
Evidence of Microfinance's Contribution to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals - Christopher Dunford
Part 17: Marketing and Societal Development: Issues and Approaches
Alleviating Poverty: A macro/micro marketing perspective - Phillip Kotler, Ned Roberto and Tony Leisner
"AIDS is Not a Business" A Study in Global Corporate Responsibility - Securing Access to Low-cost HIV Medications - William Flanagan and Gail Whiteman
The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid - C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart
The Mirage of Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid: How the private sector can help alleviate poverty - Aneel Karnani
Marketing the Hegemony of Development: Of pulp fictions and green deserts - Steffen Böhm and Vinicius Brei
Cross-Cultural Consumer/Consumption Research: Dealing with issues emerging from globalization and fragmentation - T. Bettina Cornwell and Judy Drennan
Part 18: Fair Shares and Equal Sacrifice? 1. Sustainable Consumption
Consumption in a Global Village - Unequal and Unbalanced - United Nations Development Programme
Sustainable Consumption and the Quality of Life: A macromarketing challenge to the dominant social paradigm - William H. Kilbourne, Pierre Mc Donagh and Andrea Prothero
Live Better by Consuming Less: Is there a dividend in sustainable consumption? - Tim Jackson
Sustainable Household Consumption in Europe? - Lars Fogh Mortensen
Part 19: Fair Shares and Equal Sacrifice? 2. Global Warming
Climate Change 101: International action - Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Equity and Climate: In principle and practice - John Ashton and Xueman Wang
An Overview of Climate Change: What does it mean for our way of life? What is the best future we can hope for? - Neva Goodwin
Part 20: In Conclusion: Dealing with the Problems of the Commons
Marketing and the Tragedy of the Commons: A synthesis, commentary, and analysis for action - Clifford J. Shultz and Morris B. Holbrook

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