Lupus: Natural Remedies for Extraordinary Health and Self-Healing

Lupus: Natural Remedies for Extraordinary Health and Self-Healing

by Wise Betty


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Lupus shares Wise Betty’s #MeNow movement to not only help those with Lupus find their path to ultimate healing and success in their health and well-being, but also to learn the best natural practices from those who have traveled the road ahead of them.

Being diagnosed with Lupus can be terrifying. People are told they will get better if they do just what the doctors say. But what happens when they don’t? What happens when the symptoms get worse? Wise Betty has lived with Lupus all her adult life. Along the way, she has learned of many natural remedies that have led her to full remission. Lupus details those remedies for readers with Lupus and other autoimmune diseases, while also inviting them into Wise’s #MeNow community, a self-healing movement bringing together patients walking similar paths of self-healing. In Lupus, readers learn why it’s called “the disease of a thousand faces,” why most people with Lupus never heal their symptoms (and how to be different), what science and evidence-based medicine reveal the most successful Lupus patients do, and more! The journey to a better self is just beginning.

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ISBN-13: 9781642793932
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 10/22/2019
Pages: 132
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About the Author

Wise Betty is dedicated to helping Lupus and autoimmune patients live a healthier, more fulfilling life by guiding them through ancient remedies, natural medicinal foods, and supplements for healing. She is the creator and founder of the #MeNow movement and brings her knowledge and life experiences to her clients through her book, seminars, speaking engagements, and retreats. Wise lives with family in upstate New York.

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Lupus: My "Me Now" Journey

I could sit here and start this book with my first diagnosis and all the meds I've tried and taken; I can talk about all the negative feedback I've experienced; and I can also talk about not being understood or believed; or about the million times I've been misdiagnosed and dismissed as an attention getting hypochondriac; and so on and so forth, but that's not where my heart wants to go with this. Yes, it's important to touch upon these moments for clarity sake and as a road-map so you can see how I got from point A to point B, however that's not how I'm going to approach this. What I will be doing instead is mostly sprinkling these moments throughout the book as it relates to the topic at hand. What I want to do with this chapter instead is have you get to know the real me and how my brain works. By getting to know me this way, you'll understand how and why I was able to find that loophole to healing myself (a loophole that can help guide you into healing yourself from this horrible epidemic as well), and I'll also discuss how I partnered with the Law of Attraction (LOA), especially during my darkest moments when I just needed someone to take the wheel for a bit.

When I look back at my years with Lupus, what I see is a dis-ease that is more of a blessing than a curse. Now, for those of you reading this who are in the midst of an excruciating episode, just stay with me because I know what you're thinking, "What in the name of autoimmune diseases is she talking about?" Well, what I realized during every mentally and physically challenging episode, every self-esteem destroying flare up, straight through every moment of debilitating sadness and suicidal thoughts, that there was always a call to action. In those moments, there was a voice, a presence with me that held my hand tightly as I dangled in that dark place, telling me, "I got you, and when you're ready, we'll climb the next mountain together." Now, because you're living with an autoimmune disease, the only call to action you're likely to experience is wanting to disappear from the world into a dark room and go straight to bed, so let me explain what I mean by a call to action.

I have always been what I like to call a "social loner." Whether it's surfing videos and binge-watching show episodes, grabbing a glass of wine and reading a good book while cuddling with my children with paws, or even blasting my music in my car and singing at the top of my lungs (I love doing this with my daughter, she gets me), I love my own company enough to want it 95 percent of the time. I don't have a problem being alone. I like not feeling like I'm responsible for everyone's good-time, or worse, their entertainment. Plus, if I'm experiencing a moment where I can feel my body shutting down and need to rest, I don't have to feel guilty about it. I know it isn't anyone's fault that I feel this way and it certainly isn't my responsibility to entertain anyone, but that's the care giver in me, who always takes me away from my "Me Now" warrior mindset. Perhaps you feel what I'm saying because you prefer spending time by yourself as well.

So how can being a social loner help you on your self-healing journey? Because it's in these moments of solitude that you can hear that inner voice telling you, you can do this; you can heal this; you can keep going. I can't begin to tell you how many times I looked forward to these moments of solitude, because what it taught me was to stop and look at my life, so I could witness these moments where I'd be putting myself last.

Putting yourself last is like putting an oxygen mask on everyone else on the airplane before you reach up and grab a mask for yourself. How can you possibly be present to heal yourself and others when you are basically taking yourself out of the healing equation with your actions? Actions that say, "I don't count." I developed the "Me Now" warrior movement as a thank you and an acknowledgment to my life's experience with the LOA. I wanted to let the universe know that I heard its message. When you're called to action in your healing, jumping on the "Me Now" train is basically YOU telling yourself, and a higher power, that yes you hear the message, yes you got the message, and that "Yes you're on it!"

Now here's the rub, I can guarantee to you that I wouldn't have been able to receive this call to action or think outside the box if I were feeling good or in remission, because in those moments of "feeling normal and good" I would've probably taken that moment for granted. But instead what I learned, through those character-building moments of excruciating pain, was to embrace my remission as my trophy moment and as my warrior badge for taking positive action in my healing. One thing is always guaranteed, out of the darkness you'll always find yourself ten steps further along into your self-healing journey. And as you embrace the "Me Now" warrior movement, you'll always know that a hand will be there to guide you on your way.

I'm excited to be that hand that reaches out to you and walks with you on your path when you're in those moments of darkness. Remember we're in this together (and by no means am I dismissing or invalidating where you are right now by not focusing on the suffering and pain you're experiencing as a victim of this epidemic), but I don't want to focus on what you already know and instead help you change your story. Whether you're in remission or experiencing a flare up and are deep in a painful episode, or if you're just not sure what's going on in your body between conflicting and confusing diagnosis, if you have any ailments that desire natures healings and remedies then it's time to embrace your "Me Now" warrior moment and focus on healing forward.

Before we begin your healing, in chapter two I'll briefly get into why I believe that most autoimmune dis-eases are like chameleons testing our resolve. Lupus, what I like to term as "The Dis-ease of a Thousand Faces," is like the Da Vinci Code of autoimmune disorders. It's constantly giving clues and hints about why, where and when to begin our healing, and at the same time being allusive with the how. This is where my years of self-experimentation and experience can help you achieve your self-healing goals.


The Dis-ease of a Thousand Faces

"Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care ..." ~Psychic Therapist

When people hear that you have Lupus, most of the time they look at you with these blank stares and always answer with an, "Oh ... so what is that anyway?" Or my favorite, a blank stare with no reaction at all, as if you just told them you had a headache. People will understand other autoimmune dis-eases. For instance, they will react when you tell them you have Lymes dis-ease (sorta), even though they have no idea how it exactly destroys your body. They understand MS, but only when it has already outwardly physically affected the patient, and they've heard of Crohn's and Graves dis-ease but the only thing they know of the disease is that they're glad they don't have it. But when it comes to Lupus, because it was considered an "ethnic/other" disease mostly affecting black and brown people, nobody was really interested in knowing anything further about it. Even doctors were indifferent about it, and still are even though Lupus affects over 1.5 million Americans, with more than 200,000 US cases per year.

Although it has now crossed over to all nationalities, ethnicities, and races, doctors still don't know where to start in healing this dis-ease and instead find ways to feed the symptoms with harsh drugs that initially help, but then become too toxic for the body's system to handle and eventually starts to fight back. The reason doctors react this way with Lupus, I believe, is because it can be a very illusive, vague, and hard dis-ease to diagnose. There are way too many false positives and false negatives associated with trying to diagnose Lupus, and with such a small percentage of actual definite diagnosis given yearly to patients, it's a clear telltale sign that we still have some ways to go for a real medical cure.

With that said, my best advice from this point forward is for you to become a strong advocate for yourself. The best thing I did for myself was to keep a record of my symptoms, episodes, and my flare-ups (if you're going to be incorporating the doctor route into your self-healing journey, I highly recommend this). It's important to be able to show your doctors a pattern of your symptoms, plus it shows that you mean business. Unless you walk in with three or more Lupus symptoms all at the same time, as it happened to me, it will take a while for you to get a proper diagnosis. It was only after I was sent to the hospital because of a full-blown staph infection from the lesions my family doctor incorrectly treated, that my doctor finally believed that the diagnosis of Lupus given to me by a holistic doctor was correct.

So, with that said, let's see why an autoimmune disease like Lupus (an inflammatory disease whose immune system attacks its own tissues), is so difficult for doctors to treat and many times diagnose. Let's break down the three most common early symptoms (and there are many but we'll start with these) affecting Lupus sufferers.

Vague Symptom #1 - Fatigue

Fatigue is at the top of the list of the three critical early symptoms of this dis-ease, but it's probably the #1 most debilitating symptom of Lupus. Unfortunately, fatigue is also one of those symptoms that fall under every other negative ailment known to man. Once your body is on the defensive and wants to protect you, it slows you down and kinda trys to get you out of the way, so it can heal you. One of the ways it does that is sometimes by putting you through the feeling of extreme debilitating exhaustion. The feeling is almost the same as being sedated by general anesthetics except you're awake and feel the pain.

The difference with Lupus fatigue and "regular" fatigue is that Lupus fatigue does not go away no matter how much rest you get because it weakens you at a deep cellular level. Unfortunately, because fatigue ranges anywhere from all sorts of diseases and viruses, to hard work or a night of heavy partying, try showing up to your doctors' appointment and telling them about your debilitating fatigue. Chances are they won't even take any blood work (unless you insist), and if you're a woman, unfortunately they'll either blame it on your lifestyle or blame it on stress and your hormones. In essence, they slam the door shut to any other medical possibility.

Vague Symptom #2 - Joint/Arthritis Pain

Joint pain, whether it be rheumatoid or osteo, is another symptom that I would keep at the top of the three critical symptoms of this disease. The reason is because the pain is so agonizing that you feel like your whole body is literally in a vice. Couple that with your fatigue and you literally feel like you're dying. It's the kind of pain that comes on from one day to the next with absolutely no warning, while progressing downhill very quickly. Depending on where in your body it begins, it can either slowly prevent you from walking or make you barely able to move your hands to the point of feeling immobile.

I unfortunately allowed the stress I was facing at the time to take over my life. I allowed stress and doubt to change my healing story, and as a result, it gave way for my Lupus to completely debilitate my body. My pain got so severe that I couldn't sit for more than five minutes at a time because then I wouldn't be able to stand up. My body would lock in place. I was also losing back support from the pain in my lower back and knees, and when I tried tightening my core to help myself stand up, it would only make the pain in my lower back worse, forcing me to stand most of the time. But then I couldn't stand for long periods of time because of the fatigue and the pain in my joints. I was a mess with joint pain.

Looking back, I remember sitting in meetings and waiting until everybody left the room before I attempted to stand because there was no way I was going to be able to get up without looking like I was 90 years old. I would have to get up by holding onto a table or the back of a nearby chair. I would bend over, then slowly raise my torso up while I felt the agonizing pain of every nerve in my body being shocked. My knees would get stiff from sitting while my feet would swell from the lymphedema that had settled from the lack of circulation in my legs. So, sitting was the enemy, standing was the enemy, and laying down was the enemy. The only thing that felt somewhat okay, once I got to warm up my muscles and joints, was walking and keeping everything in motion. That was the thing that kept me able to feel somewhat human.

If I stopped for more than ten minutes, the feeling of being in a vice would begin to stiffen my joints and muscles again. The stress would then immediately begin to shoot pain to my lower back and the cycle would start over again. When I went to my doctor all he saw was someone who walked in looking somewhat normal and in not that much pain. He would then look at me as if he were examining someone who was experiencing imaginary symptoms because of stress or dealing with someone unhappy with life. That's when I knew this doctor wasn't there to help me. And he certainly couldn't help me if I couldn't help myself. At that moment I decided to change my story, to move away from being the victim and instead become the detective and healer of my own body. That's when I decided to take my healing into my own hands.

Because joint pain is another one of those symptoms that could range anywhere from rheumatoid arthritis to even lifting too many weights at the gym, unless you come in all twisted into your doctor's office you're going to be sent home with nothing but Tylenol. At best you'll probably get one of those, "Sorry I can't do anything for you, maybe you should go see a rheumatologist," kinda deals leaving you back at square one.

Vague Symptom #3 - Butter Fly Rashes and Lesions

Several years ago, I woke up with a lesion between my breasts. It was itchy and painful, but I just thought that maybe I was reacting to a mosquito bite, as I'm allergic to mosquito bites. I started to get one of my fevers and it started to get hot around my torso. Several hours later, when I went to see what was going on with my rash, the lesions had spread to the whole entire right side of my torso, slowly climbing up my right arm. I was being eaten alive by some skin bacteria. I called the doctor for an emergency visit. When I got there, he said he'd never seen anything like it before. He said that even though he didn't think it was shingles, he was going to give me meds and a cream for shingles to see if we could at least prevent it from spreading and stop the burning. It was a shot in the dark, and even though it didn't sound right to me, I was so desperate that I agreed to everything he said. I just wanted the pain and burning and fevers to stop.

Well fast forward three days from taking the meds, the skin on my torso started to turn even redder from the burning and itchier from being eaten up alive by this bacterium. I was lethargic and had a fever. I went back to the doctor who sent me to the hospital where I saw a dermatologist who took a biopsy and found that the side effect from these meds caused my lesions to morph into a full-blown staph infection. I was immediately put on antibiotics, topically and orally, and also given Prednisone. So once again, there I was with another one of the three top critical symptoms of Lupus, but it alone couldn't help me get a proper diagnosis.

Butterfly rashes and skin lesions are the third tell-tale signs of Lupus and the third on my list of top three critical early signs. They call it the butterfly rash because it's mostly been recognized on the upper parts of the cheeks and nose, but it can actually appear on any part of the lower half of your face. Mine appeared on the sides of my cheeks and the bottom part of my mouth when I did get skin flare-ups. They were painful; they burned and almost always messed with my self-esteem. But again, these are symptoms that can be confused with eczema, psoriasis, cystic acne, and a host of other skin conditions. The lesions however, are a different story in the sense that if you have them, they will consider a biopsy depending on how severe they look.

The issue with lesions is that, if not taken care of quickly, it can go into your blood stream (like shingles and poison ivy) and cause an infection. When you have Lupus, an infection is not something you ever want to provoke. The lesions feel something like chicken pox along with the fever, except you feel like you're being eaten alive. An improper diagnosis and treatment can lead to a painful staph infection, which is what happened to me.

Many moons ago when I was a teenager, I had gone back and forth to several physicians, and at the end of the day they never found anything wrong and always blamed it on my teenage hormones. Thankfully, in one of my newly recommended holistic doctor visits, I was fortunate enough to have several symptoms flare up all at once on my way to my appointment. This enabled me to get a confirmed diagnosis. Honestly, I never went for a second opinion after that for fear of entering another round of run-arounds and doctor's bills. I grabbed onto that diagnosis and ran with it. Even though I had no idea what he was talking about, when I asked this Chinese holistic doctor to break the dis-ease down in laymen terms for me, so I would know how to proceed, he said, "Your body is basically allergic to itself, and it will fight itself." His words were short and to the point, exactly the information I wanted and needed to begin my healing.


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Part 1 Change Your Mind Change Your Story

Chapter 1 Lupus: My "Me Now" Journey 3

Chapter 2 The Dis-ease of a Thousand Faces 9

Chapter 3 Getting Rid of Self-Limiting Beliefs and Habits 21

Part 2 Heal Your Body - Heal Your Mind

Chapter 4 Knowing Your Nutritional Needs 29

Chapter 5 Powerful Organ Cleanses 43

Chapter 6 Life-Style Changes that can Save Your Life 57

Part 3 Lupus Beauty Secrets

Chapter 7 Powerful Healing Beauty Treatments 67

Chapter 8 Strong Shiny Hair 77

Chapter 9 Weight Loss 83

Part 4 Inspiring Recipes for Life

Chapter 10 Medicinal Food Recipes 101 and Essential Oil Remedies 91

Part 5 Inspiring Life Changing Journey

The "Me Now" Movement 103

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