Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer

Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer

by Gayle Jeanine Haven


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The story is written as a gentle, encouraging and faith-based explanation of Grandpa's experiences with cancer and its treatment. The story is a testament to the importance of family relationships, spirituality, faith, humor and the capacity of children to understand the importance of comfort and love.

Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer, is written as a tribute to the author's father, Gilbert George Haven, who faced cancer with the strength dignity, grace, humor, wisdom and faith in which he lived his life and always sought "higher ground."

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ISBN-13: 9781468541304
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 02/07/2012
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer

By Gayle Jeanine Haven


Copyright © 2012 Gayle Jeanine Haven
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-4130-4

Chapter One

My Grandpa has cancer. That means that he goes to the hospital every month for treatments. Sometimes I can go with him. When I go with Grandpa, I get a sticker with my name on it. It says "Alexander." Grandpa gets a bracelet with his name on it. I think it says Grandpa but the nurses and doctors call him Mr. Haven.

Grandpa goes to the hospital for medicine. The nurse takes us to the sun room that has lots of windows and pictures painted on the walls. The nurses there are happy and they give us snacks like peanut butter crackers and apple juice. Getting a treatment can take awhile.

Sometimes, Grandpa has snacks and juice with me but sometimes Grandpa just wants to watch me eat. Grandpa says he gets his snack in his port.

Grandpa has something called a port on his chest. The port is where Grandpa gets his cancer medicine so he doesn't have to get poked by a needle for each treatment.

We're not supposed to bump or move the port around. Having a port means that Grandpa can't wrestle with me anymore ... but I don't mind. I just wrestle more with my brother, Garrett.

When I wrestle with Grandpa, I usually lose because he is much bigger than me. When I wrestle Garrett, sometimes, I win. I like to win.

Sometimes when we go home after a treatment Grandpa doesn't want to play as much because he gets tired. Those days, we take a nap together.

When we nap, I tell Grandpa stories until he falls asleep. I know Grandpa is asleep when he snores. Grandpa snores real loud. When I wake Grandpa up to tell him that I can't sleep, Grandpa says he can't sleep either because my snoring is keeping him awake! Grandpa smiles and I laugh because we both know little boys do not snore.

When Grandma hears us giggling, she tells us to hush and rest. I tell Grandma that her snoring is keeping us awake. Then we all laugh.

Grandpa and I always go together to get the mail at the mailbox. Sometimes my Grandpa walks slow when we go to get the mail before dinner. On those days, I walk slowly too. I want Grandpa to know that I like walking with him no matter what, fast or slow.

Some days, after a treatment, Grandpa doesn't feel like eating dinner with us. On those days, I get to eat two desserts. One for me, one for him.


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