Lost in Knowhere

Lost in Knowhere

by Matthew Miller


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I am going to be completely honest about how I came up with this piece of work. I managed a warehouse that sold bags of rags. Two months in, my 'boss' tells me that I should be cutting open one bag a shipment to see if the rags were cut right. Even though I knew she was just trying to create more work for me I cut open a bag anyway. The first and only bag I ever had to 'check' had inside of it a small pack of 5"x3 1/2" pink paper tied with a pink bow. It seemed surreal to me so I threw it into my desk drawer. The next day at work I thought of something intriguing and decided to write it down. Opening my desk, I realized what the pink paper was for. Eventually I ran out of the little pieces of pink paper but I continued to think of things worth writing about, so I continued to write them down. I had so much written down on paper it became hard to take care of, so I typed them up. Then there were times when I felt lost and confused so I would read them and feel better, editing them as I went. Feeling confident with what I had written, I was compelled to share it with anyone who was willing to see the world from a strange perspective. I hope you enjoy!

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ISBN-13: 9781449080655
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/04/2010
Pages: 220
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