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Living Your Dream Not Someone Else's: A Story of Surrendering the War against Yourself

Living Your Dream Not Someone Else's: A Story of Surrendering the War against Yourself

by James Nussbaumer


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Many of James Nussbaumer’s readers have wondered if his ever-developing miracle-minded messages from prison would continue. In the first three books readers lived through what was the last place he expected to experience ultimate freedom. His in-depth, frank descriptions of prison life in the first three books—The Master of Everything, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom, and And Then I Knew My Abundance—give us a stunning take-to-heart message. James leads us by the hand so we may see that if we shine our light of truth onto the face of adversity, the life challenges fade away. Light extinguishes darkness, revealing an amazing, intimate revelation. Challenging, uplifting, and transformative. Nussbaumer’s inner journey continues in book 4: Living Your Dream, Not Someone Else’s.

This is a story of surrendering the war against yourself, while being set free of all things in a world of illusion, a collective dream we call life. The world of illusion is merely a projection that clouds over a more heavenly world. You are the dreamer of your life, and you choose the characters and how it plays out. This world of light, this circle of brightness, is the real world, where guilt meets with forgiveness. Through personal anecdotes and stories, you will learn how to heal and find freedom in light—how to live your dream, and not someone else’s. This is your purpose now.

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ISBN-13: 9781940265810
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2021
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 1,193,277
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

James Nussbaumer admits that surviving a lengthy prison sentence proved he must be pretty powerful. While there, he realized that there must be a way to apply this same mental strength to create a much more positive and constructive way to live. His books center on the story of humankind and our concentration on behavior. A frequent public speaker, James welcomes the questions and concerns of truth seekers around the globe about bringing forth miracles into their lives. He lives in Massillon, Ohio, and Palm Harbor, Florida, and enjoys spending time with his three daughters and four grandchildren.

Table of Contents

Introduction i

Part I Your Existence 1

Chapter 1 Like a River 3

Chapter 2 Meaningful Magnitude 15

Chapter 3 Inner Resistance 25

Chapter 4 The Body as a Barrier 34

Chapter 5 Going with Your Heart 43

Chapter 6 Letting Go of Conflict 52

Chapter 7 Manifesting Inner Peace 61

Part II Chaos, Separateness, and Specialness 67

Chapter 8 Interpretation 69

Chapter 9 The Laws of Chaos Breed off Another 76

Chapter 10 Enemies Don't Give Willingly 80

Chapter 11 Letting Your Heart Lead the Way 88

Chapter 12 Your Real Home 95

Chapter 13 A New Theme Arising 99

Chapter 14 Changing Your Mind about Your Mind 105

Chapter 15 How You See the World 111

Part III His Cause Has Real Effects 117

Chapter 16 The Image Maker 119

Chapter 17 Programming Your Projections 126

Chapter 18 Your Memory 131

Chapter 19 Remembering Your Cause 138

Chapter 20 Your Purpose 145

Chapter 21 Causing New Projections 148

Chapter 22 Your Source Gives You What You Want 154

Chapter 23 What the Miracle Does 158

Chapter 24 Returning "Fear's" Cause-Back to You 164

Part IV Opening Your Mind to the Real World 171

Chapter 25 For Good Cause 173

Chapter 26 Knowing the Real 178

Chapter 27 The Mask We Wear 184

Chapter 28 Hoeing Your Beans 190

Chapter 29 Your Unlimited Real Mind 194

Chapter 30 What Is Salvation? 199

Chapter 31 The Bridge 204

Chapter 32 Ask and Receive the Answer 209

Chapter 33 The Hand Gun 217

Part V Living from behind the Dream 223

Chapter 34 The Image of Your True Identity 225

Chapter 35 The False Ideas in the Gap 230

Chapter 36 She Looked Beyond to Forgive 234

Chapter 37 Your True Extension 241

Chapter 38 A Fantasy That Is Conflicting 251

Chapter 39 Sex as an illusive Liberation 258

Chapter 40 Setting Fantasy Aside 262

Chapter 41 Your Quiet Center 266

Bibliography 273

About the Author 275

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