Live Free: Exceed Your Highest Expectations

Live Free: Exceed Your Highest Expectations

by DeVon Franklin


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Notes From Your Bookseller

What if you could release all your preconceived ideas about, well, everything and everyone? How would this change your life? DeVon Franklin is here to explain how this one adjustment to your thought processes would result in major life changes for the better.

The bestselling author returns with his biggest book yet in which he teaches us the secret to living a happier life: get rid of as many expectations as possible—of ourselves, our future, our relationships, our career and our family.

Expectations are the secret software, running on the hardware of our minds, controlling our emotions, decisions, and actions. How? 

Think about your life. How much of the sadness you feel derives from what you think should have happened—than with what actually happened?

Think about your career. How much of the discontent you feel comes from your belief about where you’d be at this point—than with the progress you’ve actually made?

Think about your relationships. How much of your dissatisfaction with friends, family, significant others, or spouses has to do with your unspoken presumptions—than with the people themselves?

Having so many expectations is distorting your perspective, decreasing your happiness and disrupting your joy. 

You can live a life of true freedom, greater peace and less stress: release as many expectations as possible.

This, DeVon Franklin argues, is the secret to a better life now.

In a culture obsessed with more, Live Free is a bold counterintuitive book that can start a cultural revolution, Franklin contends. 

Everyone struggles with unnecessary expectations. But once you learn to let go of them, you can set the stage for the life you’ve always wanted. 

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ISBN-13: 9780063031173
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/04/2021
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 8,753
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

DEVON FRANKLIN is a media multi-hyphenate. As an award-winning producer, New York Times best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker he has made a commitment to inspire people around the world through entertainment. DeVon is a force in the media and has become a leading authority on inspiration, spiritual wellness and personal development. He is the producer of multiple hit films and the author of The Truth About Men, The Success Commandments, The Wait (co-authored with his wife Meagan Good), and Produced by Faith.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Are You Living Free? 1

The Expectation Revelation 3

Are You Living Free? 4

Set Yourself Free 7

Part I Personal Expectations

1 The Dangers of Expectations 11

What Are Expectations? 16

2 The Secret Software Running Your Life 27

Expectations 2.0 29

R.I.P., Mr. Perfect 31

Get the Bugs Out of Your Operating System 35

We Are How We Think 37

The Choice Is Yours 38

3 Set Yourself Up for Success 41

What's in It for You? 44

You Be You for You, Not for Them 47

Get Out (of the Box) 49

4 Your Expectations are Unrealistic 55

What Is an Unrealistic Expectation? 57

Unrealistic Expectations Are Future Resentments 58

The Pressure to Live Up to What Isn't Real 60

The Cost of Striving Too High (Parents, Be Careful) 62

Expectations from the School of Rock 64

What You Actually Can Control 65

5 Your Expectations must be Communicated 69

Learn Your ABCs 70

It's Not Always Easy to Hear No 73

Expectation Reset 75

Part II Cultural Expectations

6 Don't do it for the Culture, Do it for Yourself 81

Canceled? 84

It's Your Life to Live 87

Follow Your Heart, No Matter Where You're From 90

You Have to Pay the Bill 92

7 Faith: The Real Sixth Sense 97

Get into the Position of Faith 99

Participation Takes You to Your Destination 102

Don't Live on Autopilot 104

Where Art Thou, God? 106

See with Godly Vision 109

Expectations Exceeded 110

8 Get Your Hope Back 113

The Devastation of Disappointment 116

Gotta Have Hope 119

The Information Prescription 121

Dare to Hope 123

Part III Relational Expectations

9 It's Not Them, It's You 129

Are You About to End It All? 131

The Myth of the Perfect Relationship 133

Only You Can Make You Happy 136

Let's Talk About Sex 137

The Expectations of "I Do" 143

Don't Get Married Because You're Expected To 145

Expectationships 146

10 Silence is Deadly 151

Communicate, or Else 152

How Baked Chicken Taught Me My Greatest Lesson About Relationships 153

Clean Your Glasses 159

What Lies Beneath 160

Explain Instead of Expect 162

You Control Only Yourself (and the Remote) 163

Talking Is All About Listening 165

11 There's No Cure for Singleness Because It's Not a Disease 169

The Upside of Being Single 171

Be Here (and Happy) Now 173

Love Affirmation for Singles 174

No Sex. No Problem 176

Set Expectations Early in the Relationship 178

Dating 101: Where Is This Going? 179

Release the Past 181

Part IV Professional Expectations

12 The Process is the Result 187

The Path to Mastery 191

My Expectation Breakdown 192

Break Your Addiction to Results 195

Perfect Your Process 197

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 199

The Richer the Soil the Better the Growth 202

13 Fix Your Goals 205

Get Real About Your Goals 206

Setting the GPS System of Your Life 212

Life Is to Be Lived 215

You Control the Now but Not Always the When 216

The Secret to Achieving Your Goals 217

Become a Better Boss 219

14 To Succeed You Must Exceed 225

Become Addicted to Information 226

Learn Your Boss 230

Think Outside of Your Perspective 231

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate Some More 233

Don't Just Meet Expectations, Exceed Them 236

15 Feel Your Feelings 239

Hear What Your Spirit Is Saying 241

Count the Cost 244

Unlock Your Potential 249

When It's Okay to Quit 250

Epilogue: Expectations! 253

Accomplish More 255

Go with the Flow 256

Expect the Unexpected 257

Unexpected Events Can Reveal Unexpected Gifts 260

Find Treasure in Tragedy 262

Get Your Joy Back 263

Be Free to Be You 265

Acknowledgments 269

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